Seems very hard to level up new heroes since update

Been playing for about eight months it seems that the last month or so it’s very hard to level up new heroes, for example it seems I have to feed 20 two star heroes of same color which definitely takes time and the power creeps so slowly. And also the skill level doesn’t seem to catch up. Any input or help would be appreciated. I am more confused than complaining.

I’ve noticed something similar, I thought it was my imagination, I’ve not counting how many heroes I need to level up but I have noticed special ability seems slower to level.
Might be just one of those things


I remember reading about an adjustment in hero leveling , but I’m not understanding when I get a hero fully ascended with mostly same color feeders and the special skill ends up being only five or six. Feels like I might be doing something wrong but I’ve never had that problem before. Things that make you go Hmmn!

I think you’re referring to the “power” rating they recently adjusted to account for unleveled 5* heroes. They didn’t change anything regarding xp or stats.
I haven’t noticed a change as far as leveling.
Perhaps as we level more and more heroes, we just get sick of it, so it seems longer? :grinning:



( performs summoning for @Brobb our resident explainer about mathematical spells with Latin names and symbols).

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Some people in my alliance tell that some of their heroes don’t get their specials levelled at all. One of them has this problem only with yellow heroes and the support neglects it completely. I am now experiencing a similar problem with Wilbur with his special getting levelled only very slowly. Today I noticed that his special showed 4/8 and after a few second it got back to 5/8 , very weird.

So I think I hear two issues you say you are having:

  1. Leveling a character is taking more heroes than before
  2. specials are not leveling up as quickly, even when you level up a hero.

Is this a valid summary?

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Firstly, I offer not a mathematical solution, but anecdotal reassurance. Here is a different player having the same experience as OP, and guessing that perhaps it has been caused by a game update (spoiler: it had not). This thread is 16 months old, and other threads like this come up regularly.

It’s just randomness. When you have a very small chance of an event happening (like a special increasing) then it is possible over a small sample size for the low probability event to occur fewer than eight times. This happens very frequently with 1* and 2* heroes, quite a bit with 3* heroes, hardly ever with 4* heroes, and I have never heard of it happening with 5* heroes (because you have to feed them so many times that their special inevitably levels 8 times).

Secondly, here’s a bit of maths-like stuff. To maximise the chance of getting your special to level 8 (mostly relevant to 3* heroes and lower), you should feed your hero one feeder hero at a time. Here’s the reasoning, and some of the maths:

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You can argue what’s better. Having 1000 chances of 2% or 100 of 20%. I will try it with one hero only and see if it’s any better.

Spot on , I haven’t done the math but most definitely takes way more heroes fed into a new summon Hero to raise its power from ( for instance) 312 to 320 and so on. And then the special skills only end up at five or six instead of eight at full ascension. It just wasn’t anything like that before it’s like they over adjusted the wrong way

Since feeding 10 at a time has not produced results like it used to I will try the one at a time algorithm why not :thinking:

Thanks, I think I got it. It isn’t that its harder to say go from level 41 to level 42, its that the power doesn’t reflect that jump the way you would expect.

This, I suspect is a result of the new way of calculating power, and based on that change, I would expect this for the result. Note that this doesn’t impact your stat changes, or the way your special works. It is cosmetic change to better reflect the true power of a hero, and as a result get better matching in wars.

I believe the special advancement was addressed very well upthread, but just to reiterate, special leveling is all RNG. This hasn’t changed. I have a hero right now that is mid way through second ascension and whose special is fully leveled. I have another who is starting third and is at level 6 on their special. Both are 4 stars.

If you are seeing 3 star heroes with specials not maxed when their level maxes - this isn’t unusual. 4 stars and 5 stars would be unusual, but I have heard of it happening with 4 star heroes. I haven’t with 5 star.

See above on how to improve your odds of a special maxing out as you level out. Since someone else posted it I’ll not repeat.

Hopefully some of this helps.


I’m only levelling one hero who doesn’t already have a maxed special right now, restarting my second Kiril (2nd stage) while waiting to see if I can get Athena from another Atlantis pull with free coins. Two 10× feeds of blue 1* and 2*, and two increases on his special.

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Actually it helps a great deal! It is just as you said it’s the three star heroes that I am struggling with. In the first couple of months I didn’t understand much and didn’t realize that sometimes certain three star heroes can have quite an impact in certain situations. For my length of time I believe I have great possibilities and have been lucky to get several five star and for star heroes. Wish I would’ve joined this forum when I started playing this game I would be way better off. I was throwing away in the beginning excellent four star heroes out of stupidity, well let’s say inexperience. I’m learning more now but feel like I am a little hodgepodged on how to assemble what I have. But thanks to the replies I do understand my leveling more clearly. Thank you very much

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