Seemingly minor visual bug on training camp

For some reason, whenever one of my training camps has a hero waiting to be collected the number 15571 appears above the collection bubble. It doesn’t seem to have any impact on gameplay and is only occurring on my alt account. I’m not sure if it affects all of my TC’s because my other TC is on a long-period training so I haven’t had anything to collect from it since I noticed this.

Is it like this reported glich?

Maybe this could be merged @zephyr1 @Kerridoc

This isn’t a timer issue, that is working as it is supposed to. I did close/open the program and move the offending TC onto a different plat and the number doesn’t seem to be appearing any more. I’ll try to move it back to its original position and see if the bug recurs.

Update: Okay, everything moved back to their original locations and ran the same training I was running before and the number does not appear anymore. I suspect that closing/restarting the app took care of it. Just chalk this up as a bit of inconsequential wierdness.

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