Seeking the best free to play players or little money players just curious how many people do very well that are, free to play

I came to Empires and Puzzles after a few months of Golf Clash, I saw Empires and Puzzles advertised in Golf Clash just like you see games advertised in Empires and Puzzles, Mystic Visions, I left that for this.
However the three years before that I had been a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes player. My friend and I were arguing. I recently went back to playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes but I don’t play it nearly as hard, but I would still argue the game is a lot more work than the Empires and Puzzles, to be successful in a guild you have to do a lot more and I feel money makes you more successful much more easily in SWGoH. I’d say the randomness in E&P rules out some of that. We have played POGO in the past. The debate we came to was Star Wars is much easier to be successful and also be free to play. I think it’s easier to win however in Star Wars if you pay and I think players pay a lot more in that game. But he said the pay-to-win structure in this game is much worse. I guess the only way I can debate this is to find the best free to play players or low-cost to play players. we had known some of the best free to play players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. We discussed the playing & pay structure of the game. And he said this is probably easiest game to get ahead in if you whale on it. I guess to debate this I’m seeking players who spend very little maybe buy only by the VIP pass. I guess I want to seek out the best totally free to play player. If you’re doing very well at a little to play or free to play status, you’d get a ton of my respect, I consider myself a light spender. I mostly spend credit card points and Google survey money. But I have spent some real money I would imagine I’m probably around the $200 mark having played since late October or November '19 now level 57. That includes all VIP passes and all path of valor, and some spending for gems. My challenge in this forum post is to find how well people can do at free to play or very low spending.
Feel free to vote for each other as the best free to play. Or cheap to play. Sometimes I make a post and I don’t come back to it for months at a time, because real life and other things. I actually do enjoy the community and I’m surprised at the reaction this has gotten so quickly. Thank you.


Have a look at these n congrats


I am F2P with 0 € in 3 years.
I think I do quite well, I am level 71 and have 4600 defense team.
6 fully levelled hotm, almost all S1 5* heroes.

Being F2P you can get quite good teams… not the best because you can’t have all the events or hotm heroes, but it’s not necessary to have all

I manage quite well in wars, killings titans of 12* and finish all the events with no problem.

Sometimes I reach top100 for a small time… I keep 2600 cups with no effort…

Now I have more chances to get better heroes than before, but the paying people get faster better heroes also…


Sweet! You have lots of my respect.

Thanks, but I think it’s only a matter patience and more pattience… Some planning helps also, but mainly it’s pattience or money

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That makes sense I definitely see it.

Chiming in here, I’m full f2p and 1.5 years in, just hit the 4600 raid defense team milestone and feeling rather comfortable with 15 maxed 5s and a ton of good 4s.

While not necessarily a top player, at least I feel like I can be competitive against the state-of-the-art lineups.


I was doing research after writing probably because I’m impulsive or something. A lot of people probably would do their research before writing the forum post. I didn’t see Empires and Puzzles in a top grossing category on my phone and I did some Google searches. I could definitely be wrong about this. Star Wars was around 36. Puzzles and Dragons was way up there. POGO was number six. I was looking through some articles though and I will cite my source, in case it’s totally bogus, or if anybody wants to debate it… But one of my friends makes a decent chunk of change working people’s accounts on mobile games, as well as being a YouTuber. And he could definitely see the stats as being true. This is the friend I was arguing with. The link for the article:

A quick summary would be: 90% of mobile gaming revenue comes from the top 10% whales, 58% of that revenue comes from the top 1% of whales, what the article referred to as white whales, which would I refer to as a kraken.

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Fun fact, that’s a very common thing called the Pareto distribution where the top 10% X are responsible for 90% of Y and vice versa.

Testing pay-to-win games for the possibilities of f2p players is kind of a hobby of mine. E&P isn’t half bad in that regard, but there are much more f2p-friendly games out there too.

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Depends of what your definition of ‘being succesful’ in the game is. I’m 100% f2p. I’ve been playing for a year and a half. In my opinion E&P is probably one of the stingiest mobile games out there. So frustrating. It is not easy to be a f2p in this game.

Answering your question: Yes, you can get a decent defense with some time and effort. Actually a lot of effort. You can get a few decent 5* heroes if RNGesus allows it. You can build everything for free but you have to have the patience of a saint. Be prepared to wait for literal years to reach the endgame. You can pretend to be ‘competitive’ in your f2p alliance until a wild top 100 clan appears with their tanks full of Tellurias, Velas and other p2w monster defenses.

No, you can’t reach the top of the game. This isn’t a game of skill. This is a game of luck. And money. Lots of money. Only p2w can reach the top and the 14* titans. The best f2p player in E&P can get his butt kicked by a mediocre p2w player any day.

Ranting aside, I bet that Star Wars game has a better p2w model than this game. I’ve been playing other games similar to E&P, in the sense that there are lots of whales in it and they pay a lot of money for new heroes. E&P can get its butt kicked by any those games.

I’m not gonna put names here but as an example, there’s this other game where you have to summon the same hero card at least 18 times to lvl it to the max. BUT… That game also gives you a lot of free diamonds to summon. They give free codes with freebies all the time. There’s a lot of events in it and many fun things to do to get new heroes. Events every week.You can probably do a 10x summon each week and get at least a special hero. The summoning odds are waaay better than in old stingy E&P.

I’ve been playing that game for almost a year and I’ve collected almost all ‘5 star’ heroes in it. I’ve already maxed some of them. And I’m 100% f2p in that game too.

Meanwhile here in E&P, I’ve been saving 2600 gems for months, for Teltoc of course, and I already know RNGesus will give me crap for all the efforts… :joy:


I don’t consider myself one of the best, but I can share my experience with you.

100% free game.
I’m level 68.
My defensive power team is 4400.
Several heroes of the month.
Total heroes 5 *: 32 (16 not promoted)
Total 4 * full heroes: 50
Total 3 * full heroes: 30
98% of constructions finished.


I’m 690 days in my current and only alliance and I joined maybe a month after starting the game. I’m entirely F2P. The alliance broke into top 200 in the last couple months and we regularly run into monster teams on defense 4500-4700 with GM/Tell/Vela. There might be one or two other F2P in the alliance, but I know there aren’t many.

My luck on gem summons and costumes has been awful especially in comparison to some of the other posts here… I have exactly one 5* that’s not season 1 - Freya. Probably not the one I’d pick to have by herself :frowning: Isarnia and Quintus both dropped from costume summons and both are useful, but also slow. I have nearly all S1 5* and am missing only Joon and Kadilen at this point. Sure would like a few more Yellow to level though. Only 3 total have dropped. For reference, I’ve run 2xTC20 for a very long time. Total 5* counts are 7/6/11/8/3 (B/G/P/R/Y) with 14 of those capped at 4.80.

14* titans go down regularly with a recent string of like 12 in a row. Some of our big hitters carry an extra load, but we usually have nearly everyone over 100k including myself (90-130k normally). It’s definitely possible to knock down 14* titans as F2P, but it might be challenging to do it as a fully F2P alliance. I’m guessing 12* would be very doable for a fully F2P alliance with developed vanilla rosters. A number of the Wu Kong replacements would personally be fantastic for Titans, but no luck.

As far as wars go, my defense is not as strong as much of the alliance at around 4350. We’re running Green tanks like everyone else and most have Tell while I’m using Lianna. My raid defense will burn an extra flag occasionally, but I get 1 shot far more often than I’m proud of. Probably 60% one-shot, 35% two shot. On offence, I regularly score in the middle of the pack. I generally take 1 or 2 full strength attacks and then use the other flags for cleanup. 180-220 is pretty normal. I will likely never reach 300 where the big hitters sit on their lucky 6 for 6 wars. With that said, there is often a need for cleanups and my flags are quite effective for that role. The defense side is where I might be holding us back a bit.

For raids, I find diamond very frustrating using 3/2 at about 4000-4100 power against 4200+ so I reroll to find more favorable matchups. 2300-2500 is a normal cups score for me if I’m trying to stay in diamond.

To your points above, I am indeed not at the top of the game nor one of the best F2P given my crappy luck. On the other hand, I can indeed kill 14* titans with the help of my alliance and am doing my part in wars. I’m probably lucky that a top 200 alliance continues to have a spot for me on their roster and continue to enjoy a great group of folks. Maybe my next gem pull will gift me something amazing, maybe a lucky costume will pop or maybe the Hero Academy is kind to me once I get my food storage leveled. A couple of key heroes would make a huge difference.

Until then, back to being patient :slight_smile:


@jlukas511 Best is subjective. Yes, you need skill. However, basically you also need luck to pull non trainable heroes from the few summons a f2p can do.

Strongly agree with @SirGorash that you can get a few decent 5* if you are lucky. I spend a little occasionally, and unfortunately have only one non-S1 5* - Seshat.

I was in a higher end f2p friendly alliance once. It had maybe 6 f2p players. And it could be awful! :joy: For example, we’d get beaten in war every time we faced a particular top 100 alliance.

I’ve also been in a top 100 alliance, and it’s partly possible thanks to teammates who are p2p. I disagree about 14* titans though. It is possible using only Wu Kong/Wilbur and battle items. Battle item intensive though.

Good luck for your Teltoc summons! :pray:

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Pretty much same here. Also I focused on troop bench depth- rather than taking just one 4* to lvl 30 i took x3 4* to lvl 12 so 3/2 combinations performed well. Although I hold circa 2600 cups normally (unless I’m cup dropping) I can usually take down 4700 defense. Usually I can finish top end of war, challenge events etc.

I’m financially very secure so it’s just a choice to see how far I can go as f2p. Very early in the game I thought about spending but the leader of the alliance at the time explained that f2p was doable. Shortly after I got Azlar as my first 5*, continued as f2p ever since.

If I would spend then the feature I would probably think seriously about would be a sparring room, where you can invite others, battle and play back their attack sequence. Although raiding solves the offense problem, we don’t have a “defense solution” where we can watch how others attack your raid defense.

This is my mates F2P defence. He’s not on the forum so said I’d share it for him. He’s been playing 2 years…hadn’t had a lot of luck on none S1 until about 4 months ago when he got his first HOTM. And Gregorian from Atlantis. He’s had each HOTM since and picked up a Valhalla 5* as well (can’t recall which)

But he enjoys the grind and like all F2P has rock like patience


I don’t fully agree with this.

You can in fact have a capable roster as f2p. The butt-kicking goes both ways - the biggest of the white whales can also get theirs handed to them by a f2p player, since success is pretty massively skewed in favour of offense.

At wars, yeah, having 30 maxed emblemed high-value 5*s at your disposal makes things easier, but otherwise - you can compete pretty much anywhere else if you dedicate.

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I am semi-f2p. I have spent a few dollars here and there. In the 2-1/2years I’ve been playing it amounts to about 1.50/month. Fully 1/4 of that was the first Valor Pass. Don’t ask why, I brain farted. Most of the rest was the cheap VIP deals (3x) and the gem gift your alliance deals. I am now at the point where a second builder doesn’t help me as much.

My defense sits at 4360, I tend to spread out my emblems and have quite a few 4* +20. I am typically in the top 3 for war score in my alliance (we are casual) without being top 3 for heroes. I have every TC20 5* except Magni, many duplicates (four Richard!). Beyond that I have four non-TC20 5*, two of them quite old and not spectacular HOTM’s (Aeron and Gregorion). I have reached 2749 in cups. I don’t aim for the top and I don’t expect to get there. Managed expectations lets me still enjoy the game for what it is.

There are other f2p players who have built up incredible rosters and made #1 overall.


F2P or spender, you can have a strong roster and reach the top. A spender will have more pulls than a F2P in the same lapse, but the odds are the same. And there’s some skill involved, also.

Time is a main issue here. What money does is actually reduce needed time (to gather gems, to complete buildings or features, etc.) to get a powerful roster.


“Time is a main issue here. What money does is actually reduce needed time (to gather gems, to complete buildings or features, etc.) to get a powerful roster.”

100% Agree


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