Seeking the best free to play players or little money players just curious how many people do very well that are, free to play

@jlukas511 Best is subjective. Yes, you need skill. However, basically you also need luck to pull non trainable heroes from the few summons a f2p can do.

Strongly agree with @SirGorash that you can get a few decent 5* if you are lucky. I spend a little occasionally, and unfortunately have only one non-S1 5* - Seshat.

I was in a higher end f2p friendly alliance once. It had maybe 6 f2p players. And it could be awful! :joy: For example, we’d get beaten in war every time we faced a particular top 100 alliance.

I’ve also been in a top 100 alliance, and it’s partly possible thanks to teammates who are p2p. I disagree about 14* titans though. It is possible using only Wu Kong/Wilbur and battle items. Battle item intensive though.

Good luck for your Teltoc summons! :pray:

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Pretty much same here. Also I focused on troop bench depth- rather than taking just one 4* to lvl 30 i took x3 4* to lvl 12 so 3/2 combinations performed well. Although I hold circa 2600 cups normally (unless I’m cup dropping) I can usually take down 4700 defense. Usually I can finish top end of war, challenge events etc.

I’m financially very secure so it’s just a choice to see how far I can go as f2p. Very early in the game I thought about spending but the leader of the alliance at the time explained that f2p was doable. Shortly after I got Azlar as my first 5*, continued as f2p ever since.

If I would spend then the feature I would probably think seriously about would be a sparring room, where you can invite others, battle and play back their attack sequence. Although raiding solves the offense problem, we don’t have a “defense solution” where we can watch how others attack your raid defense.

This is my mates F2P defence. He’s not on the forum so said I’d share it for him. He’s been playing 2 years…hadn’t had a lot of luck on none S1 until about 4 months ago when he got his first HOTM. And Gregorian from Atlantis. He’s had each HOTM since and picked up a Valhalla 5* as well (can’t recall which)

But he enjoys the grind and like all F2P has rock like patience


I don’t fully agree with this.

You can in fact have a capable roster as f2p. The butt-kicking goes both ways - the biggest of the white whales can also get theirs handed to them by a f2p player, since success is pretty massively skewed in favour of offense.

At wars, yeah, having 30 maxed emblemed high-value 5*s at your disposal makes things easier, but otherwise - you can compete pretty much anywhere else if you dedicate.

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I am semi-f2p. I have spent a few dollars here and there. In the 2-1/2years I’ve been playing it amounts to about 1.50/month. Fully 1/4 of that was the first Valor Pass. Don’t ask why, I brain farted. Most of the rest was the cheap VIP deals (3x) and the gem gift your alliance deals. I am now at the point where a second builder doesn’t help me as much.

My defense sits at 4360, I tend to spread out my emblems and have quite a few 4* +20. I am typically in the top 3 for war score in my alliance (we are casual) without being top 3 for heroes. I have every TC20 5* except Magni, many duplicates (four Richard!). Beyond that I have four non-TC20 5*, two of them quite old and not spectacular HOTM’s (Aeron and Gregorion). I have reached 2749 in cups. I don’t aim for the top and I don’t expect to get there. Managed expectations lets me still enjoy the game for what it is.

There are other f2p players who have built up incredible rosters and made #1 overall.


F2P or spender, you can have a strong roster and reach the top. A spender will have more pulls than a F2P in the same lapse, but the odds are the same. And there’s some skill involved, also.

Time is a main issue here. What money does is actually reduce needed time (to gather gems, to complete buildings or features, etc.) to get a powerful roster.


“Time is a main issue here. What money does is actually reduce needed time (to gather gems, to complete buildings or features, etc.) to get a powerful roster.”

100% Agree


Yes, yes it can, in fact I reached the top several times.

You can, I have been in top 100 many times, sometimes in top 10… My alliance that it’s mainly F2P has been in top 200, and we have killed some 13* titans…


I think there was a group of free to players who chatted eith each other. I’ll tag @ThePirateKing

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Thanks for the answer. It’s always interesting to see how other f2p do in the game.

I was about to answer to all the people who replied to my post but your answer kind of proves my point: Yes, you can kill 14* titans as a f2p, if you’re in a clan full of whales. I thought that was obvious :joy:

To the other guys who replied: I’m not saying f2p players can’t have some good things. Of course they can. Is it worth it to invest so much time in the game and still get your butt kicked by whales? That’s the question.

Worth it or not, my clan is almost 100% f2p except for a couple guys who spend occasionally. We are the strongest clan of my country. We reach top 100 in raids sometimes. We reach 5400-5600+ points in wars (except when we face any top p2w clan). Some of us have 2 or 3 HOTMs. Not the best HOTMs but Noor and Marge are something, I guess :man_shrugging:

On the other hand though, we’re stuck at 10* - 11* titans. Not all of us have Wu Kong cuz RNGesus is an ■■■. Without having lots of G. Panthers, Evelynns or Fridas we can’t go any further in titan scores. Only two of my clanmates pulled Miki and the other hawaiian green 5*.

We run green titans cuz only 5 of my clanmates were lucky enough to get Telluria. The actual green tank meta is kicking our f2p butt. We have to use what we get from training camps so our defenses aren’t that great. Some clanmates still use emblemed 4* in defense cuz they still haven’t pulled any 5* from any of their TC20s. And they’ve been playing for 2 years or more.

That’s not what I consider reaching the top to be honest. Waiting years to have all buildings maxed. Having to depend so heavily on your luck to get a few good things. That takes more than patience. It’s very annoying. We lost a lot of new members thanks to one sided wars against stronger clans. Money is the only superpower you need in E&P.

Don’t get me wrong, I like competition but p2w is another league. Or it should be a different league.

Anyway, end of f2p rant lol.


After 1.5 years of playing and around 120€ spent on VIP and valentines i was already doing alright in a top 50 alliance.
I disagree that money is the only superpower you need, have seen too many ppl with ridiculously loaded rosters perform terribly. Skill and dedication can take you pretty far as long as you have at least a hint of luck once in a while.

I am a former C2P gone F2P myself.

Gotta admit, many of the fully F2P people on here put me to absolute shame.

Maybe they’re luckier than I am? Maybe I should be using the Censure Summoning method like many of them do? Maybe they just play a lot more than I do?

IDK. What I do know is that I spent some money for summons in this game, and what I got in return was absolute :poop:, so I don’t spend any more.

I also don’t tryhard nearly as much as many of my fellow C2P/F2P friends. I kind of gave up on that once I realized how much RNG and spendiness was involved in this game. I still do okay though. Got a decent number of leveled up heroes, nothing too fancy. As much as I’d love to get some of those fancy heroes, there’s no way I’m gambling against those odds. Not worth. Might as well just light my money on fire.

I’m still able to enjoy the game, however, by completely lowering my expectations.

But yes. There is a F2P clan, and there are some incredibly powerful players there. I don’t know their full stories, whether they play 24/7 or just got really lucky in their summons or what. Kudos to them whatever the case. As for me? RNG hates me. 2 years and the best I have is a 4200 raid defense. I have zero interest at all in “tryharding moar” or spending another dime, ever. This is the hand the game dealt me. I will play it to the best of my ability. Not ready to fold. But also have no intentions of raising, doubling down, or going “all in”.


3 year F2P perspective here, never spent a penny. My D team is around 4150 TP.

I have managed:

2 HotMs
0 S2 or S3 5*’s to date
Several event, S2, and S3 4*’s

I am a little torn on how to respond to this as I have some mixed feelings.

For starters I guess game objective seems big. Could I have done better in terms of powering up and going after 5’s, yes. Was my objective to ever be #1, etc., no. So I by no means have a top-flight roster nor am I probably one of the F2P’ers @TGW mentioned above.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get there though. The catch with F2P is that if aiming that high isn’t your goal from the start you fall behind exponentially when you later decide it is. There are in fact F2P’ers that are in those ranks though.

Whether you are F2P or not, there is still a strength cap on your heroes. A maxed Richard say is the same stats whether I paid to summon him or not. Same with emblems. If you paid for emblems or not, they boost stats the same amount. IMO the gap between top F2Pers and payers really got exacerbated by emblems as you can pay to get them faster. Prior to emblems it was certainly less work to keep pace and there were more F2Pers in the top ranks. That is a separate issue though …

Paying doesn’t get you higher strength, it just gets you to that max faster. The biggest difference is in wars as that paid-for depth can really be apparent. In most other aspects of the game (raiding, provinces, etc) you can get by with much fewer maxed, talented 5*’s. So a long term F2Pers can absolutely be in the top ranks for cups, etc. It just took them longer to get that depth built.

Not to get too far off topic, but I think there is an end point in this game to some degree. Once you have more 5’s then you know what to do with, aren’t excited for summons anymore, etc it causes some players to lose interest. I think being F2P has allowed me to keep interest in the game for so long and I have interest in the foreseeable future. When you’re chasing that high of new heroes and the need for more bench depth, paying has you lose that faster. You basically race to the end point faster. Maybe the difference of driving to vacation vs flying. Do you enjoy the journey more? :man_shrugging: Neither is wrong.

Good luck out there!



Except we’re not full of whales. I’m not sure we have anyone that would qualify for that label although it’s possible that 2-3 might.

Here’s the thing with a 12* titan. As a sample, a 12* chaos spider has 4.1 million health (pulled from a youtube video). For a 30 player alliance, each player needs to average 137K. That should be very doable for a developed roster even with poor luck on fancy 5* summons (Miki/Tarlek/etc). There are a number of reasons folks might be struggling to hit that point, but it’s very doable. IMO, 12* is probably doable in a fully F2P alliance. As extra incentive, your A and A+ players will get an extra ascension item roll!

I actually think it’s common for F2P to sell themselves a little short on what they can do. I know I tend to personally and am often pleasantly surprised when I push myself. On Titans, works the board better, use tornados/timestops, etc. I post this as encouragement, not disagreement :slight_smile:

In a fitting turn of events, Legends summons just gifted me yet another Renfeld. :man_facepalming:


Pushed myself to the point I only have 1 orichalcum nugget in my inventory. Just saying :joy: It’s simply not sustainable.

I guess the difference between both our f2p clans is time. My clan is fairly new. In a couple more years my clan’s hero rosters will be at the level of 14* titans. Or maybe not.

Depends on luck/RNG.

Legend summons gave 3*s too by the way lol.

To kill 14* titans, it is enough to have 30 people with:

  1. A 100%+ attack buff (Wukong counts)
  2. Defense down of each colour, or a supply of valkyrie banes
  3. Attack up for each colour, or a supply of red banners
  4. A good supply of mana potions
  5. A decent supply of tornadoes
  6. Discipline to use 6 flags on a given titan

This is a hefty list, but nothing impossible for F2P. I find #6 to be in shortest supply - but that applies to whales just as well.

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Thanks for the tag @princess1. :slight_smile:

So for those who don’t know me, I have been a F2P player for almost 2 years now (22 months to be exact, started Nov 2018). I am a level 71 player with 4600+ TP war defense, a beta tester and I currently play in one of the top 100 alliances of the game.

Full Profile Stats

Personally, my experience with this game has been wonderful. I understand exactly how RNG works and I go through the usual ebb and flow just like everyone else. I follow the simple principle of “If you don’t have expectations, you won’t be disappointed”.

As a F2P player, it was important for me to understand that I will never get the heroes that I want. Nor will I ever have the hero rosters that my C2P/P2W teammates have. So once I accepted this fact within the first few months, it became much easier for me. I learned to work with what I got. Instead, I focused my attention on board skills, strategies, synergies and game mechanics. I watched tons of YT videos and read thousands of forum threads in an effort to hone those skills. I understood that tile generation is not in my hand, but I can make moves which increases the probability of the right tiles coming up, so that helps a lot.

Click here for full hero roster and troops

I have been quite lucky with my saved gems and free coins, so no complains there. I feel that currently the game provides a ton of opportunities for F2P players as compared to a year and a half back. I get a few free pulls in every event that occurs every month, so that’s amazing.

As far as gameplay is concerned, I am extremely dedicated and hard working. I try not to waste any WE, RE or TE. I fill 4 chests everyday in a routine manner (2 monster + 2 raids). I complete in the top 1% of every tournament. I am not hesitant to pay 75 gems for a continuation if required, because I feel the investment is worth it. Tournaments are the best sources for emblems and gold coins. Raids, wars and titans are absolutely my favourite part of the game. I always raid with my war teams, so that gives me great practice. I average around 190k daily on 14 star titans and my average war score is 228 against green tanks. In challenge events, I always finish in top 10k, 5k, and 1k/10k in rare, epic and legendary, respectively.

So overall, I am pretty happy with my progress and I hope that I will continue to grow as time progresses, I am in no hurry. Being F2P is not easy at all, but I believe that with the right mentality one can enjoy the game if they want to.

There are many some fantastic players out there. Let me tag some of my favourites - @Saicheeze, @rapcoon, @CaptainjaKCsparrow. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t help but note the lack of my name in that list :rofl:

I am just giving you a hard time, those guys are top notch.



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