Seeking team advice


Looking for advice. I need help building up a good line up.

I have been playing for the month or so and I am still new so I am not too sure how to build a good team and or focus leveling…

Thought and ideas are welcome!


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Hi Biotite,

A great selection of heroes so far! First off I would recommend spending some time in the Player Guide section of the forum to familiarize yourself with the aspects of the game. Spend some time in Alliance recruitment and find a training alliance and ask as many questions as you can! And familiarize yourself with all the aspects this game provides. Sorry for the jumble- this game has alot of facets and I will be running through a few quickly. My apologies and I’m not sure how much of this will make sense-I am somewhat a scramble brain…

Research how to level up your stronghold and prioritize what you need. Get your training camps up and operational and start producing more feeders.

You will want to compose your team to do certain things. Generally you want a healer, 2 attackers, a tank and a buffer/dispeller/another attacker etc.

There is something to be said about working on 4* heroes until you have the ascension materials to max a 5* but I kind of like to jump right in. Others will tell you different. But right now my advice would be work on a “rainbow” team.

You will need a dedicated healer and you have 3 great options(Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor). Out of the 3 I will lean towards Boldtusk(BT) personally.

For a purple I would just start working on Panther ASAP as she is a top notch hero. If you are concerned with rare events then work on your Prisca or wait/pull for a dark 4*.

Horgall can suit your tank needs later down the line but there are other green 5* heroes that can take precedent. Your other best tank options imvho would be Boldtusk or Kiril. In terms of other greens you could work on Skittle as an attack all/ attack down hero or start Melendor as well. No such thing as too many healers.

Looks like you have already begun to feed Magni so keep on or aternatively work on Kiril. Again all healers help.

Holy is a touchy subject but in general you will want to get both Wu and Jackal maxed ASAP. They will help with Titans immensely. Wu is a gamble though so be aware of that. Research the forum, read the Player guides, talk to other players.

I know its alot of information to take in but the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to read through the guides. Coppersky’s guide is a great place to start and many other veteran players have made very helpful guides as well. Then find an Alliance that can help you grow and maybe even grow together! My first alliance is the only one I ever joined and I am coming up on around a year of playing.

Hope some of this jumble helps. Most importantly have fun! Don’t let a bad board or 2(or 3,4,5,etc lol) get ya down!:smiley:

tl;dr: Personally I would run Kiril-Panther-Boldtusk-Skittleskull- Jackal and prioritize Boldtusk’s leveling up. Don’t bother keeping 1 or 2* feeders-feed them directly to your heroes. but hold on to any 3* you get for the time being. Leveling is another world all together- read the guides!


I feel that you get more benefit (to start) out of having a team of 3/60 4* than you do a team of 2/60 5*

With that in mind, I would focus on

Wu Kong, G Falcon, BoldTusk, Kiril, Skittleskull

I know it’s 2 red but G Falcon is tank-like to begin.


That’s solid advice. The most important tip I think was left out, and that’s don’t start leveling 5* heroes yet. You won’t have the materials to ascend them and it takes far too long for 5* to be the first thing you focus on. Build a base of 3* and 4* heroes, you need 30 leveled heroes for war.

Hah jinx. You owe me a coke.

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I like most of what you said, except that a basic defense team should be the first priority.
G.Jackal is such a glass cannon, that I feel he is almost useless to someone starting out.
G. Falcon has great defensive stats at 3/60 by comparison.

Obviously, once the initial 5 is built up, level ALL the 4* then the 5* but… who bothers to RTFM anymore? :wink:

Although I think jackal is more important than Wu Kong first. Wu Kong starts to be effective when you have some damage output. Before you have leveled heroes, Wu won’t be much help.

I don’t 100% disagree, but Jackal dies SO easily he makes Wu Kong look beefy. At least Wu can help a whole team on all titans.

All things considered…

If I started out with the OP team… holy hand grenades I would have been set!!!
Geez what a knockout punch. Great set of heroes. Not jealous. Just impressed.
OK. jealous. very. let’s go kill that guy.


Very valid point! I guess my eyes were doing whatever they could to stay away from HuTao! :joy: Wu would be the better option especially for the long run.

And yes I agree WOW i wish i started out with this lineup!


I don’t mean to say Hu Tao is terrible, because he really can be a valid 3rd option in a vs Purple Titan situation, but he’s certainly very far down the priority list.

I’m gunna do a thing. Eviscerate and disagree if you like:
Suggested Ascension Order

  1. Bold Tusk
  2. G. Falcon (tank)
  3. Skittleskull
  4. Wu Kong
  5. Kiril
  6. Melandor
  7. G. Jackal
  8. Panther
  9. Magni
  10. G. Kong
  11. Scarlett
  12. Kelile
  13. Scarlett
  14. Hu Tao
  15. Bane
  16. Prisca

17 Nashgar

18) Horghall

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This ranking supposes that no other heroes are gained.

Poor Horgie! lol

Personally I would prioritize Scarlett or Kelile before Kong but otherwise looks about right…!


Thank you all for the amazing advice!
@DJQuixo and @Baphomet Thank you so much for taking the time to write that up. I have lots to learn and lots to do/work.

Thanks again!

I am in an alliance so I have that going. I guess I did not know much of what I had in my hands… Looks like a score :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


I was debating, but what stopped me is that Bold Tusk and G Falcon are both reds. G Kong should probably never see 4* materials unless the OP ignores #1 and #2.

At # 10 on the list you start getting into luxuries. why not have a 2/60 kong to throw in for fun?

eh. :slight_smile:

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Can pepole attack specific user?
Since this post I been attacked like 5 times! I would only get attack once or twice a day. LOL

Matchmaking is somewhat random. Usually depends on your cup range but there is the option of rerolling for ham but with no guarantee that you will find who you are looking for.

Most likely just coincidence

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Thanks for the reply!

You’ve already gotten some solid advice, so I’m going to reiterate some of what has already been said.

Don’t start working on your 5* until you have at least two full rainbow teams of 4*. They are the strongest when left at the mat wall, they are less resource and time consuming to level (compared to 5*) and can be used to complete nearly everything in game once fully leveled. Start your 3* either to add more variety, to fill out your 30 heroes for war til you get most of your other heroes leveled, if you want to compete in the beginner challenge tier, or when you’re done with all of your necessary 4* and 5*. They’re the fastest to level, but won’t be as much use as your 4* will be.

Now, I wouldn’t worry about a defense team as much as I would about getting a solid attacking team ready. My reason for this is cups don’t really matter, but fighting titans and being able to finish quests do (when it comes to mats).

Yellow: Wu Kong- instrumental for titans and challenges and getting those necessary mats, then Jackal because he’ll be a solid attacker and great for titans too, then I spose Hu Tao. Keep Bane, level him up when you’re done with your 4*, you’ll want him for wars and the events. I’d also keep Gan Ju, Kailani (for the link) and Melia for 3*.

Purple: Since you don’t have a dark 4* I’d start with Panther then, she’ll be stronger than your 3* (she’s amazing, you’re very lucky), but she’ll be stuck at 2/60 for awhile so move onto Prisca once you’re done. Start a purple 4* as soon as you get one (preferrably Tibs or Rigard) For 3* I’d keep Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin and Gill-Ra if you get them.

Blue: Kiril because of the dragon banner and heal, then Magni (he’s great by the way). Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar (for another link) and Gato for 3*.

Red: Boldtusk is amazing so I’d get him in the works for that buff and heal- but since you’ll be working on Kiril right away I’d do him after Scarlett since you’ve started with her (she has a nice high attack stat but low defense), then I’d do Falcon for titans, Kelile for a fast sniper, then Colen. G Kong you can do once your 4* are done, or after your 3*. Finish Nashgar and keep Hawkmoon, Azar and Namahage if you get them.

Green: Too many healers, but I’d maybe do Melendor first for the dispel. Then I spose Skittle since she’s your only other 4*. Horghall after 4*. Keep Berden, Belith, Brienne and Mnesseus for 3*.

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Just tides changing. I would attack some people directly if i could.


Seeking advice on how to set up my offense and defense team, the following are my fully ascended heroes
WU, chao, Kiril, boldtusk, colen, triton, melendor and cyprian with Grimm at 4/52, LJ 4/5 and khiona 3/62
Greatly appreciate any and all insights

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