Seeking strong titan-busting alliance willing to take a smaller player

I just got a new recruit in my alliance who wants titan parts and ascension items. She joined just today, but she seems very active. I like this one, but I’m not sure my alliance will really give her what she’s looking for.

This player is level 50 and still has a fairly weak team for her level. She did 37,892 damage to our 6* harpy queen with 3 attacks. She currently has 1789 trophies.

My alliance regularly brings down 6*-7* titans, but those don’t usually drop ascension mats. Is there an alliance out there that brings down significantly larger titans and wants this player? I offer no guarantee that I’ll recommend your alliance to her, but if the offer’s shiny enough, I might send her your way. I’m perfectly happy keeping her, but again, I’d rather refer her to another place if that’d serve her better.


What a great leader you are @Kadaxas. Let me tag my friend @Kalis at Cemetery seeds

They’re hitting 10* atm and will help your player get even better.


This looks like a good alliance! I’m currently training a successor to lead my alliance when I leave. I’m sending him my thoughts on the matter, and I’ll let him decide where he wants to go with this. I presented 3 options: We can keep on our current casual course, we can tighten the slack to improve rewards and become a better fit for her (at the expense of some degree of comfort), or we can refer her to another alliance. If he decides to refer her away, I’m specifically suggesting Cemetery Seeds. This alliance looks like a very good fit for her, thank you! :slight_smile:

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@Kadaxas my man, pots and pans! If you want to chat on Line or discord, just give me a holler.

I think we can be exactly what she’s looking for. We’re always hitting first tier on harpoons (and fill the tube on rares, this crew is bananas sometimes!) and we cap at 10* right now to focus on getting my 50+% of F2P players where they need to be. About 7-8 of us do the heavy lifting… to piggyback what you said in your post, I’ve always considered us “casually serious”; we’re basically a judgement free zone here, do your best, don’t sweat the RNG.

We have a similar player in here now. Level 53, 2052 cups, 4278TP. Doesn’t war, mediocre titan hits. Might just take some mental massaging for her to get her to see the results she wants.

As the thread @Sarah2 refered you to says multiple times, we trust the process here. We know every day is a new lottery ticket and when we have an opportunity to increase our odds, we make it happen.


For reference:

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Hold my beer… :joy:

20 more beers.

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Dont be judgey. Attitude counts for a lot more than roster strength in terms of providing value in an alliance

Unless you mean judging myself, you might want to reread what I wrote.

I have to admit I had to look up exactly what the meaning was and I hit this:

On the internet, hold my beer is used to make fun of decisions (that are seen to be bad) made by public figures or companies.

If you were not saying that this will be a bad decision and you are sitting back to watch the fallout, I apologise

I was hoping (praying actually) that it was a language thing.

When someone does something, and someone thinks they can one up them (usually something foolhardy yes, but it’s also more generally used as, “oh yeah, watch this!”), hold my beer is typically seen as a silly response.

In this context, specifically what I quoted, the poster was saying their teammate has a low level team for their player level.

At my player level, my team is TRULY sad, hence, hold my beer.

If you knew me at all, you’d most definitely not have assumed I would randomly crap on anyone, let alone a stranger on the internet, but then, you don’t know me, and it is the internet after all.


Apologies, again. I am used to negatives on this forum, and in fact had shade cast on me in a similar circumstance when I was seeking a new alliance. Unfortauntely lots of people do judge rosters/heroes/troops/etc.


Totally cool, and I get it.

Cheers! :grimacing:

Hi Kadaxis,

Very impressive leadership by looking out for what’s best for your players :+1:

@Tazman, at Crew-Rabid Wardogz, might have a spot for her and they were taking down 10-11* titans when I was there. This alliance has a range of players from beginners to very experienced with a strong focus on developing and growing. They are part of the Crew-Saders alliance family.

Best of luck.

@Tblairtruckingincyn, is this TB from RWz? Sorry for the tag if not.


I would like to recommend my sister alliance, Ye Olde Curiosities Shop.

YOCS is a training shop that is set up to help all players get the most out their roster and their game.

They have veterans, new players and intermediate players as well with the goal of teaching everyone how to maximize game play.

YOCS is currently hitting 7-9* Titans.
It is also very international, so there are players from all over.

No cup requirements, just the usual hit the Titan and use all your war flags if opted in.

We also promote from within, so once a player gets stronger, the can move up to the next shop, making us all stronger in the long run.

I hope you are able to find a home for your recruit, please keep Ye Olde Curiosities Shop in mind.

I’ve handed the decision off to my successor. He’s decided he wants to tighten up on some rules, raise our titan performance, and make our own alliance a better & more stringent fit. Sorry if I got peoples’ hopes up


No apology needed for looking out for what’s best for your player. May your successor’s light, shine just as bright. :wink:


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