Seeking special alliance

I’m looking for a very special alliance for a former member. She had a difficult time maintaining the activity level that we required, but she was a long standing member due to her friendly, chatty personality.

She loves the game but would be better suited to a more laid back, friendly, mature group of players. She’s comfortable using discord.

Her main team is approx. 2800 power but she has a roster of nice 4 and 5 stars that she needs help developing. She likes to fight the titan but may need to be reminded. Same as the wars.

With a patient, friendly and supportive alliance you will find her loyalty second to none. We all love her and want her to find a special alliance that allows her to play at her own pace but also has the time to nudge her into full activity.

Check out Alternative Heroes

Is there some way of searching their requirements without just looking at their roster?

They’re a more casual sister alliance from ours

Thanks NPNY. I trust your judgement.

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Hi there!
we are looking for 1 member to join - as long as she’s active we are fine. we are a group of international players. if the friend of your are interested. can see our thread here. - Global Titan Slayers is looking for you!

Look forward hearing from you. :slight_smile:

You are probably too competative for her. Our alliance has similar requirements to yours. She needs a more casual alliance for now.

Twisted Gull is a alliance within our armada created for casual players. It has one spot and it is open. Your friend is welcome to visit

Thank you, I’ll pass it along.

Maybe interested in Stop and Shop

2500 TP Which is negotiable
18 yrs or older
Line- free app not sure how familiar it is with discord but allows all members to stay connected
Stop and Shop is sister Alliance One Stop Titan Shop and are very patient and helping members to get stronger teams with our experts one on one or with group support if needed.

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@princess1 - Did your friend ever find a home? I believe she would feel extremely comfortable in our newly established alliance…Lone Hunters. In fact, we’re just encountering our first 2 star Titan and could benefit from a casual heavier hitter like your friend.

If she’s still looking or you know anyone else seeking a friendly Titan focused casual alliance, have them look up Lone Hunters. Thanks!

Lone Hunters Recruiting Post

She hasn’t been in contact lately. I’ll certainly write down your name though. Sometimes a player has a friend just starting out who needs a home.

Thanks! Happy Hunting!

We have a new alliance. We’re looking for friends. We’d love to add yours to our group. We’re the Fiery Phoenix.

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