Seeking others to join in adventure

“The world is a dark place,” Kipper replied. “But when friends join hands, it lightens.” R.A. Salvatore
A merry band of friends seek others to join in their adventures and merriment through the battles with titans and wars with other alliances as they work together to gather knowledge and share a virtual pint or two.

If interested - please seek out “Glazing Warriors” on Empires and Puzzles. We also have Facebook Group in order to document our adventures and knowledge and better share the amusement of the day with each other.

From our family to you - 
  Have a great time puzzling and enjoy the game!

Hey Jaded we are 11 dedicated players looking for same to merge with us. If you’re interested let me know.

Davitiello1 - Thank you so very much for your offer. We’ve discussed it amongst ourselves and feel that a merge just isn’t on the table for us at this time.

But I truly hope you find the quality of members you are seeking for your alliance. Happy puzzling and have fun!

Still Seeking if you wish to join!

Still seeking members - always welcome!

Bumping the post … hope to see you!

@davitiello1 are you looking to absorb or be absorbed? Jaded sorry to ask on your post I’m quite new here not sure the best way to go about these convos without coming across rude I’m sorry

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