Seeking opinions re: duplicate 4* heroes...and Balthazars

I have a pretty robust 4* roster with some 5* heroes as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to luck into some decent pulls along the way. I’m also aware of the 30 hero roster if I ever get into AW. Finally, I know there’s thought around generally not using 4* heroes for feeders and the same with strong 3*s such as Balthazar.

With that being said, I’m curious about what you would do with the following set of duplicates. I’ve included roster screenshots because I know the answer is often, “It depends on what else you have”. Many thanks in advance!

4* Cyprian x4
4* Rigard x2
4* Sabrina x2
3* Balthazar x6

4* Chao x2
4* Hu Tao x2
4* Li Xiu x2

4* Boril x2
4* Kiril x2

4* Kashreck x2

4* Boldtusk x2
4* Colen x4
4* Scarlett x2

IHi , it depends on your stile of game , i ‘m not a fan of counteratack and i find them heroes useles ex Cipriany,Boril, also Kashreck , not a fan of him , but still he might be ok compared to the ones above and Colen , wich is same thing , good on paper if his special goes off but he is from glass , so defenetly no duplicates ,
Naw the good points Chao , and li xu fraking totaly worth it , strong in war , raid , titan , righard same great healer , sabina as well but i personaly have and find usefull only 1 healer per colour , i dont see why would you lvl up a righard or sabina twice , or Kiril ,
When you lvl up heroes in dublicates they usualy come handy for events or they are very good in raids or war like for example , Grim, Gormek, chao is quite good , baltazar team of 5 for event , kelile hell yeah , i would make a team of 4 keliles if i d own them , hope you understand me and my ideea , good luck

For wars you’re going to want at least six, if not twelve healers. So keep the Rigards, Sabinas, Kirils, and BT’s. You’ll only start with one of them, of course, but eventually you’ll want to level one or both of each.

As for keeping all the Balthazars, I’d probably only keep one or two at most. Once you have a strong 4* or 5* team, you really don’t need more than two 3* teams, even if you are planning to use them in events.

@PanzerV1986…I totally get where you’re coming from, thanks for your thoughts! The thought of a team of 5 Balthazars intrigues me in a super weird and crazy way. :wink:

@Isaac57…I hadn’t thought about the potential criticality of having so many leveled up healers for wars…great point! Also good food for thought regarding what exactly I intend for my 3* teams in the long run.

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