Seeking New Members For A Established Alliance

Seeking three new members to join a well established alliance that has lost a few players to loss of interest or desire not to grow. Most of our players have been together for at least a half a year. Seeking all levels of new players, with the only real requirement would be I love for this game and I desire a family type atmosphere. We are currently fighting 6 to 8 star Titans, and we really love war. If you are somewhat new that is OK most of our players started out in single digit levels and have grown into some very strong warriors. If you are a mid to upper level player we are strong enough to feed your beast! Search for “The Leaky Wench Tavern” and by all means feel free to reply with any questions you might have.I guarantee that you will be welcome with open arms and feel like you are part of the family from the get go! Check yourself and thanks for your time :sunglasses:

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