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@SigniDCaben19 Sorry to hear that you have not yet found an alliance to your liking. I have written before about Akkadian Elysium. I won’t repeat everything here, see the post which I replied to here for a full description. I’ll just fokus on your latest post here:

  1. Titan participation: CHECK (but I want to elaborate on that below)
  2. War flag usage: CHECK (can’t remember the last time we had an unused flag, it was quite a while ago)
  3. Casual yet active: CHECK
  4. War strategy: CHECK (besides same tank color we attack selected targets in two phases before going for an “all-in” attack)
  5. CHECK. We are currently 21 members, all elders (not just membership-wise, all players are above level 50).

Now back to 1, I want to be 100% open on this so there is no misunderstanding, as this seems important to you. We did have a slight drop in titan participation from a few members a while ago, and then our main alliance leader initiated a discussion on this, which quickly improved things again. We do have one member who has taken a break from the game but remains in the alliance, so he will show up as a zero in the list, but we all know that (he is also opted out of war of course). Occasionally we have some member telling us that they will drop in participation for personal reasons during a shorter time period (then usually also momentarily opting out of war). We (the leaders) send out titan reminders when needed (e.g. if one is going down fast and some member risk missing out on POV).

You are very welcome to try us out, just make a join request!

Surprised you have not found a home. Red Hot & Blue multiple members arrive. We went for 6* titian and with the new member we are taking down 9’s with half the time left. We expect to be feasting on a 10?11 by Halloween.

We are an adult group of dedicated player. Our def team range for 4400 to 3000 with the medium around 3700. Since this merger that computer does not know yet hoe to match use.

We take our war seriously and expect all flags to be use. We use a some tactics in wars.

It is open and you are welcome to stop by and talk if anyone is around.

Come to Power of Pancakes. We can always use a TANK

Well TBD Part Deux ticks points 1 to 4, although point 5 no, as we have 10 members and don’t just accept anyone. However we are comfortable with 7* titans and will pass on unfavourable 8* ones. So :woman_shrugging:

Other alliance mates have posted here already so im just repeating whats already been said. Nevertheless, GL in finding your forever home.

We’re just starting out, 3 members but we’re 15-2 in wars! Fate and Fortune

@SigniDCaben19 finding the right alliance to get all what you want can be challenging. In the end, with so many to choose from, I know you’ll find your happy medium to chillax and enjoy the game. We do have so many levels of possibilities within our Crew alliances.

Would love to chat and help you find a new home!
Contact me @Bzzinator or @Wiser27 @Seashels84 @mpolo

Gone in 60 Seconds is the place for you we have 3 husband and wife combos and a couple kids of one of the couples very family friendly orientated currently hitting 6-7 star titans with only 13 members we have new and veteran players

Check out Crew-Barons. Right now we are 28/30 and are hitting 11* because we dropped some pov. We should be at 12 stars in the next few days and hit 12-13 when full. I’m expecting we will be full again within the next week.

We have a war strategy that we use but dont go crazy on the rules. If someone misses flags they get a warning and will be dropped if they do it again within the next month.

For titans there may be a few who don’t hit by midway because of work/timezones/other responsibilities but we rarely have 0s. We will also remove someone if missing titans becomes a regular occurrence.

Line: ffphier

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I suggest Jeet’s Alliance… Give it a try, it meets your expectations…
Have a nice day…

Please check us out, Silent Implosion. We are smallish, but wanting to play on a bigger playground. The 5 of us are putting down 6* titans, but want bigger ones! Our War defense teams: 4- are 4100+, and the other a hair away from 4000. Look us up, visit, stay awhile…and don’t worry why I’m locking the door behind u! :wink:

Hello Signi, I’m Vanessa, one of the co leaders of “Loot Hunters”. Read your post and all the things you are looking for are located within our Alliance. We have the generic basic rules, i.e. hit Titan daily, use all war flags etc. In regards to war flags, first time they are not used we ask the player to opt out of the next 2 wars, understanding that sometimes things happen, second consecutive time flags are not used is grounds to be removed from the alliance. All flags have been used the last 11 wars and we are currently running green tanks with the majority of us still using Tell. We typically set farming targets and then set a time when the flips can begin, coordinating as much as is allowable with personal schedules and time constraints :grin: We have a somewhat chatty bunch with more activity during the weekends and during wars. Line is encouraged but totally optional and profanity is not used so no worries there :face_with_monocle: Our alliance is a 50/50 split of US/Euro players currently housing 24 players (which includes 2 couples) and killing 9* titans with an occasional 10* thrown in. Zero’s on Titans are logged and addressed after third time. Give us a peak when you can, regards ‘nessa

SigniDCaben, we can check all of your boxes. We started as an alliance that broke off from another , AWESOME people, but a bit to relaxed…sometimes we had to search for a pulse on some j/k. So in our growth from 4 to 13 (yeah), we have picked up exactly the kind of folks we were looking for…fun, at times goofy, but great people who actively hit the titan and use all war flags. The most militant we get are tank colors…To me it has been amazing to watch these guys dance around each other as if they’d known each other for years in war. We are US, Australia, Malaysia, and Finland. Come peek in at us, you might find you like it alot! Alliance name: Silent Implosion.

I figure that you have already found an Alliance but thought I would reply anyway! I have read your ad carefully and you and your wife would fit perfectly. We are mature players of all levels. Four or five hus/wife teams. No inappropriate language on chat allowed, only fun and support and encouragement. Titan range is currently 7 to occasional 10. We will be 2 years old in Jan of 2020. Stable core of experience players but we take all levels and help everyone we can. We use flags on Titan and War (opt), have Line for tips and sharing only (Same rules apply to Line as to chat). We play for fun and stress relief from crazy world. We all have real lives! Plz give us a look at The Marley Army. Our reputation speaks for itself. Have fun gaming, Marge 32179

Can a Mod please close this thread as it is over a month old, I’m sure this person has already found a group and no longer needs to be harassed.

Mods have requested that the best way to get their attention is to flag a post and give an explanation. Flagging a post simply brings it to a mod’s attention, it doesn’t have to mean the poster committed an offense. If mod’s agree it needs action, they will let you know, or explain why they are leaving it as is.

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I’m willing to close this thread, so long as the topic creator @SigniDCaben19 has found an alliance and doesn’t need this topic open any longer. I see no indication of that though.

Conversely the thread will automatically close in 30 days from now if no one replies to it.

Hi Sign,

You will fit in well with us, we taking out 11 and 12 star titans and use the same war strategy and we have ppl from all over the world, and of color, we all friendly and friends, pop in see if you like us. You dont have to us any chat if u dont want to just read in game chats

And we meet all your requirement, no flags lift and no zeros on titans, we all play our part and very active with a female leader

You people realize that this post is over a month old and the OP has much more than likely found a new home, you are all wasting your breath, but hey its your time, go for it.

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