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Since you just described our Alliance… do feel free to drop in and check us out for a while.

You have mentioned about everything on “2gether we’ll win” alliance checklist. We still congratulate people on leveling and are pretty chatty mostly. We have an occasion swear word when we have our usual bad boards, but it’s pretty tame. We are pretty casual and active. Our first 6 wars we used all war flags. We are currently on 8-9 star titans. We coordinate tanks and use the war strategy you discussed. We encourage growth and provide assistance to those who ask and we do have line, but not required. We are the sister alliance to “Together we’ll win” who is more laid back, but still active.

Hi, I think our alliance might be what you’re looking for.
We hit around 11 and 12 titans, we’re more comfortable with *11.
We are active and have a family feel to our alliance. Many of us have been together for sometime. Everyone is respectful and helpful.
We are looking for active members to hit the titan and use all war flags if in the war. We have color coordinated tanks but you play your flags as wish.

I hope you consider becoming a Marauder.

Signi, come check out Assassins Inc. I think you’ll find that we’re exactly what you’re looking for. We’re an all adult group that for many of us, have been playing together for a very long time. Definitely a family feel to our group. My best description is a request: come by for a visit. Say hello & meet the group.

Elite empires- green tanks, only 3-4 tellurias. We have 3400-4500 team power. Casual but competitve. 8-9 star titans. Your wife would be very welcomed too.

Hi, do check out Akkadian Elysium, I can basically tick everyone of your checkboxes right away! Me and a friend joined them a bit over half a year ago when our small friends alliance shrank down to just the two of us. We were very warmly welcomed and have not regretted our choice one bit. Now I have advanced to be a co-lead myself in the alliance. There are members from several different countries and time zones with a slight dominance of North America (I am from Sweden myself), and a mix of male and female members. Many members are very active in fun and interesting chat discussions regarding the game, whereas others just play the game, it is up to you. There is a real family feel to the alliance, and if needed you get a lot of support also on the personal level. We have an optional Line group which is highly recommended, where we can post pictures, ask polls etc. and also have the awesome “Wise Goat” plugin which you can ask questions regarding virtually every aspect of the game. But everyone is not using it, so it is totally up to you.

We have very good flag usage in wars and against titans in general, but there is a common understanding that real life issues can prevent you from playing sometimes (we do opt out of wars if we know this in advance). We usually fight 9 - 11* titans. We have a coordinated war strategy which I think is right up your sleeve, but you can deviate from this e.g. if you need to use your flags at a certain point.

Your wife would be at the lower end in power but would be very much welcome also (our alliance description says lvl 45 / 4200 but that is not a strict rule, we already have some with lower def. team power than this). We do not mind new members growing into the alliance, and we have no performance requirements besides doing your best and using your flags!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or contact me on Line (magicrebel is my ID). Or just join us for a while and see what you think (you do not require an invite)!

I think you would be a fit at Anarchy United. AU is an established alliance with experienced knowledgeable players. We are an English speaking, U.S. based team with international members. The majority of our teams are level 40 - 74. We have a few couples and one family that are members.

Here are our basic rules:

Hit Titans daily - Fighting 8/9/10*.
War mandatory - Timed attack, coordinated tank/defense (Currently green tanks, will rotate). 30+ war ready heroes required. Use all flags if opted in.
Check chat and alliance message (Discord preferred).
1600 Cups minimum.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Ship Happens is exactly what you’re looking for. Family friendly/oriented, no pressure titan hits, 8-9* titans typically, and 2 spots open. Check is out


You and your wife would be perfect for Re-Amplified. We’re casual but active. We’re currently hitting 8 star titans, but the two of you could push us into 9 stars. Our chat is friendly, and the most family unfriendly thing that happens is minor swearing that ends up as all stars or someone mentions that they’re having a gin and tonic. For war we coordinate tanks and go for resets in the second half and are currently on a winning streak :smiley: A bunch of us have been playing together for over a year and we’re happy to add anyone who is looking for a home.

Check out the duckhunters…wont outsell our alliance but we are a close active team . You have a rack in our house if you want…simple family-friendly alliance

@ SigniDCaben19 Have you found a new home yet? If not, I just wanted to a small update to my post above regarding Akkadian Elysium: our alliance is now set to “Invite only”, so if you want to try us out you have to make a join request (which we will gladly accept)!

Hi, I’m new to the forum, but I’d love if you came by our Alliance and checked it out. We’re called Harbinger’s of Judgement, we’re friendly and active, and currently at 8* Titans. We’re an international team, but we chat in english.
My Line ID is Tzeetzah.
Hope you come by and check us out :blush:

Witches of Eastwick



ultimately my Goals are to get everyone up to 2400 cups, and level 50+

i built this alliance today. and am looking to grow it from scratch

going to be a fantastic training alliance here!!

All levels welcomed

so if youre new to the game. it will be a great alliance for you to join and just learn from other experience members

line Snake89

I need to add some things on to what I am looking for as I am running into a lot of the same issues with the alliances I am joining:

  1. I want an alliance where EVERYONE hits the titans when they are on DAILY and if not they are held accountable for it. I am constantly finding 0’s on all titans and more often than not it’s multiple people on each one but there is nothing said about it. I also find a large amount of people that don’t hit until way late in the titan’s life even though they were on multiple times prior while it was up. I can understand 0’s when the titans are taken down quickly, but that isn’t the case most of the time.

  2. I want an alliance where ALL war flags are used by those who are opt’d in and if not they are held accountable for it. While this hasn’t been a huge issue thus far, it is still one none the less and those alliances that I’ve seen it just ignore the issue.

  3. While I have said I want a casual yet active alliance, that does not mean I want people being lax with alliance related things (IE Titans & Wars), it just means laid back as far as the tone of the alliance in general (members, chat, etc). This also goes with the growth aspect in that I am happy to join a training/growing/etc type alliance as a long as the people are doing just that, growing. If you have people in your alliance that have been there for 60 days and are level 20 still, they are not showing dedication to growth and it doesn’t help your alliance out at all other than padding the number of members.

  4. I said that I don’t want a militant level of war strategy where people are telling you each move to make, but I would prefer to have at least some type of strategy implemented for them with the lowest being coordinated tank colors as well as 100% flag usage. If you say you have a certain type of strategy, please truthful and actually follow it. Again this hasn’t been too much of an issue but I’ve run into it where a war strategy was posted and absolutely none of it was followed.

  5. As I’ve also said, I am open to joining a training alliance or one that is currently growing, but I would prefer you to have at least 20 people in it currently. I may be open to one with less if it is proven to have all of the the things I am looking for, but 15 is my base limit in that scenario. Again, if you’re numbers are padded with low level people (who aren’t growing), I’m not counting those towards the overall total.

If you feel your alliance meets the add-ons I just mentioned, then feel free to submit a new post letting me know about your alliance and I will begin my search with those next. Hopefully I can find my new home in one of your alliances and I wish nothing but the best to all of the other ones!


check out “2gether we’ll win”. We are an active group. We had a string of 3 wars in a row with all war flags used, but this past war, we had 2 leave after matchmaking…so we gave up our normal strategy. We hit the titan (except for an alternate that I park in the alliance…he’ll be removed when we get closer to filling up. We are at about 20). We have a war strategy and we are casual.

I appreciate your honesty and I can also say honestly that I believe you’ll find Forsaken Oasis to be an excellent fit!

Our members are high-level, active, engaging, take war seriously (or opt out) and every flag is used.

What makes Forsaken Oasis unique is that our titans are capped at 10 stars (11 rares) so members can save their resources. Mercing is permitted with the extra flags. Leadership is friendly, supportive and knowledgable.


Hey @SigniDCaben19 , I am in an alliance called Tay’s Place that perfectly matches what you’re looking for all around.

-11* titans, sometimes 12s.
-Very friendly fam feel.
-Fairly vast gap in individual players strength, but all do their part

  • great fit for wifey if that ever happens
    -war strat is easy and effective (basically farm a few times then free for all at the half way point)

Basically no stress or drama, great group. Been friends with the leader for a few years now, feel free to even hop in and see if it’s the right fit, no obligations to stay if its not. The groups very understanding that way.

His line is Tay_stone . Say hi if you like.

I wouldn’t bother posting to grab a random recruit if the requirements didnt match. I’d have passed this post on to another friends alliance. Hope you find whatever you’re looking for wherever it might be. :smile:

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Check us out - Guardians Heroes - second to last of our Guardians family alliances.

Guardians Heroes

Our family of alliances are formed by Guardians Academy, Rising and University as training alliances, and Guardians Ascending, of the North, Heroes and Reborn as competitive alliances. We also have a Guardians Valhalla alliance for vacation/retirement.

In Heroes we are currently at 20 members, fighting 10-12* titans, and everyone follows war strategies (Defense TP of 42xx - 46xx). We have both Discord/LINE, both optional too. @Easysteps is our leader.

You can come and visit us for a week or two if you like! Let me know and we´ll open the door for you.


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