Seeking New Home

I am looking for a new alliance as the I can not find one that is what I am looking for and can make my new permanent home.

I am a level 66 player with a def team of 4314. I am also a daily player and makes sure to hit the titan every time I can when I am and also uses all 6 of my flags every war. For wars I have a decent bench and can pretty much match whatever tank color is being used for them as well without too much of an issue. I do not have Telly on my roster (as I know that is a requirement for some). My wife might also join later on if it’s a good fit for her as well (Level 40 w/ def team of 4068) but right now she doing her own thing

What I am looking for:

  • Family Friendly: Just want a group that is welcoming and enjoys having a “family” feel to it with each other as a whole group. A group with other couples would be great but definitely not a deal breaker

  • Clean(ish) Chat: I am not looking for a group that swears like sailors, constantly makes off color jokes and is basically just a bunch of a-holes most of them time. I don’t mind joking around and stuff as I’m all for it to have fun, but there it doesn’t need the obscene stuff with it. I am not always the most active chatter but I do read chat almost every time I am on and it gets tiring reading those things constantly.

  • Casual Yet Active: I just want an alliance that goes with the flow but at the same time is fully active in Titan and Wars when it comes to hitting in them & holds it’s members accountable if they miss them repeatedly

  • 7-11* Titans: While I can go higher (or lower), I would prefer a group that hits titans between 7-11*. If you have 7-9* ones then that is the range my wife is comfortable with mostly so it would also improve the chances of her joining later

  • War Strategy Used: I am not looking for a militant level strategy, but would like some type of strategy with the minimum being coordinated tanks. An additional strategy like killing the lowest powered 5-8 teams as fast as possible and let them re-spawn before going for the complete flip or similar would be a plus as well, but again not looking for being told how to play each of my flags either.

  • Alliance Growth: I am not opposed to joining a lower leveled/powered alliance to help out being a heavier hitter for them, but in any case I want one that is actually growing both in terms of overall alliance and in it’s individual members power

  • Preferred Line/Discord Not Required: I would rather not use them but I have them if it is absolutely required, although I will say that I am not very active on either nor do I check them very often

Please read the previous things I am looking for and make sure they match your alliance before responding back as I’ve posted something before and got a ton of replies only to find most of the ones I tried out to be nothing like what I was looking for in most areas. I am looking for my new permanent home and want to make sure it is what I am looking for!


You’re about to be swamped with requests to join. Tagging a few friends that could help you.
@Math4lyfe @Timber

My alt account is a great place to be and ticks the boxes although we’re hitting 5* titans after trying out a potential merger that didn’t work out. There’s plenty of room for both of you too.

TBD - Part Deux @Yates1876


We have everything you require, please give The Marley Army a look!

PS Even for your wife :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tag @Sarah2.

Check us out when you get a second @SigniDCaben19. Would love to have you stop by.

TBD: Part Deux - Small active group looking for like-minded people


Howdy I’m the leader if the Sixth Element I think we would be a perfect fit for what you’re looking for.

I do hope that you’ll consider us and I look forward to hearing from you. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for the tag @Sarah2!

There are some possibilities within Crew for sure. Crew-rabid wardogz would be a great place to start. We’re mainly killing 8* titans and have a range of experience within the alliance. It’s only up from there with sapphires, rogues, barons, jesters, raiders… etc… as eventual options.

We do use line. Feel free to reach out to me @ lafontaine4. Would love to chat further.

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But all anyone needs is that one perfect home :house_with_garden::wink:

@SigniDCaben19, have a look at Mystic Meadows, I think it fits the bill. Line is required, but being chatty isn’t :slightly_smiling_face:

Great family vibe, currently around 9* titans. Any questions, let me know (preferably about paleontology, criminal law and the Tudor dynasty, I don’t know anything about E&P)



Check out Global Titan Slayers

Members include a married couple, several workmates, go from grandparents to 20ish and are happy to stay at the 9/10* level For titans

Line pc229 if you would like more details


Check out “the Kings of titans“ — we have three slots at the moment, are hitting 9* titans regularly. We do coordinated tanks in war, and are open to evolving our strategy. We have a few married couples and a father with two kids in our alliance. Admittedly, we periodically discuss the fact that the word “jerky” is censored, but the language and imagery in our chat never goes darker.


Hello Signi! I think we might be a perfect alliance for you. Family friendly, clean chat, active, 11-12* titans (which may seem big but both you and your wife would do fine). We would love to have you visit to see if we are a good fit. Everyone is super friendly and we use all war flags and everyone helps with titans. Let me know if you would like more information about the team. The team name is Sword of the Spirit (AoG).


Check us out! We’d be happy to have you!

Hi, I came here to suggest TBD: Part Deux too and see my other teammates have already replied! I joined them recently after playing in the Top 100. I was looking for a slightly less intense gameplay experience, but also wanted a coordinated war strategy and a hit titans rule. This alliance ticks all the boxes and is a relaxed, friendly group. I felt at home immediately. Come check us out!


Hi there, if you are still looking feel free to check out We Are Conundrum, we’re recently merged with a like minded alliance i.e. flags for titans and wars are expected but if life gets in the way then all good.

Couples and friends are part of our alliance, we’re hitting 8-9* titans at the moment

Give us a shout if interested, they’re a good bunch

We Are Conundrum

Hi SigniDCaben19,

The Fifth Element ticks all those boxes. We are an alliance of 13 but looking to grow. We have 6 members in the 4000 range. We are international in scope so flags are played regularly. Come check us out! Lilu is our leader.

Hey @SigniDCaben19

If you are looking for a new alliance then check out The Annual Purge. We would love you to join our fun alliance who also enjoy helping and encouraging newer players of the game to learn and grow with us! If you would enjoy a chatty alliance while actively helping a few newer members and have WhatsApp (which is easy to download) we would love to have you onboard. The Annual Purge is…
• Established Adult Alliance with a wide range of knowledge to help and encourage our newer players grow with us.
• Very friendly members who work closely as a team
• English Speaking group with members all over the world.
• Active Daily Players who are currently taking out 10* & 11* Titans
• Use all 6 flags if you opt in for war and fight titans daily
• Real life happens outside of the game so just let us know if you may be inactive for any reason, inactive players without any notification will be removed.
• We use WhatsApp to communicate, it’s easy to download if you haven’t already got it.

Please ask if you have any question, we love to have you onboard, just say Lou sent you!

I believe we tick every box on your list! We recently had a couple folks leave for personal reasons and a couple more because they were looking for something else. Anyway, please come check us out and hopefully stay a while, we’d love to have you!

Tuck the Fitans

Adding on to what the wise Bard said… Mystic Meadows is warm and friendly with a strong supportive environment yet drive to victory and “heart” that just won’t quit.

Come join us, or visit to help make uo your mind.

We have plenty of cake… And cats… To go around. :grin:.

Message saberofempires on line. :snowflake::crossed_swords:

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Poseidon’s Warriors fits most if what you ask for. The only thing lacking is a coordinated war. But we have decent leadership and are always willing to try new suggestions. We are a pretty laid back group. So chat is not active. We are good at using our flags. We hit 9 and 10 * titans and chat is always family friendly. No line or discord required

Just here to state that I’ve played with both Jonah and Ice Saber and confirm that they truly do meet the bullet points you’ve outlined. Clean, fun, supportive, and a casual competitiveness that keeps real life the priority while still working to progress in the game.

Best to you wherever you land!


Red Hot & Blue is a a 14 member group of adults who are serious player but love to chat. We have been in existence for little over a month. Our medium player level is in the 40’s but our highest ranking player is 71. We have members in the UK, Australia and mostly the USA so we try to take advantage of the time zone differences. Tititans that are 6 are our meat and potatoes. When we had a “shopper”(who really was more of looker) we handler 7’s easily. We are getting 7’s but coming up just a little short. we had seen an 8 when the “shopper” was around.

The medium def team is 3900 and growing with the peak of 4393. Our primary communication is through the chat that comes with the game. We are not military folks but do work together in was with a common tactics. We have patterned our attack after Yo Momma which is repeatedly kill the smalls til the second half and flip the board twice which we DO. We assume you have a brain and expect you to use it for the good of the team. (that type comment has gotten me in trouble in the hospital more than once but as the groups "general’ it make sense) And only you know what’s in your hand which means you deicide.

In our 10 war life we are 7 wins 3 loses with one of the lose occurring when the server crashed. The other two we were overmatched from the get go. Both those loses we had scores over 4000

The alliance is open so no invite is needed. You are invited to drop by and take a look for yourself

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