Seeking New Alliance

My spouse and I are looking to join a new alliance. We both have 4700+ tp. We attack titans daily and use all war flags.

I am level 67, have 39 max level 5*, and have a full team of troops leveled 27+

He is level 77, has 45 max level 5*, and has a full team of level 26+ troops.

We would like to join an alliance that is active and competitive while still being relaxed. (Not looking to fight entire teams of Bera tanks in the war)


If that seems cool… do visit us in LINE or in game ~

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If you are looking for great, active, relaxed, friendly alliance, then check out “Rising Dawn II”, enjoying the game while taking it seriously without lots of stressful requirements, and if the mood takes you then its possible to move to “Rising Dawn” main alliance. Both alliances are served by 1 discord server, with a wealth of information.

Drop by to chat if you like…

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Come check us out at mighty Insurrectionists! We hit 14* titans, fight competitive wars, and have fun doing it!


Hey @Shadowlily !

Moonshine Warriors has 2 spots open for 2 active players and we would love to have you both joining us.:wink:
Currently we fight 11-12* with occasional 13* titans.
Easy war strategy but must use all 6 flags if opted in.
More information about our alliance in the thread below or you can contact us:

Line: magnifique89
Discord: OGdirty1Kanobi#4271

Looking forward to hear from you!


Hi. We are looking for two new members. We have several couples already in with us. We are competitive and active but not overtly so. We require Line app for war communication. That’s pretty much it. Hitting 13-14* Titan and we have a solid war plan. Come check us out in game or hit me up on Line.

Earl Verdant
Brothers of the Sword
Line id: earlverdant



Active daily players are like Gold. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for by posting on the forum.

@Kalis… Any room in TBD Part Deux?
@Timber… Any room at Sword or Armour?
@BattleBornVirago… Any room at Team Ten
@Toya… Do you have space at Silent Implosion



Hey there. Come check out Infinite Waters.
Sounds like you’d both fit in perfectly with us.
We have simple rules. And a great bunch of players.
We hold some competitive members. And also casual members but everyone plays daily.


Shop After Dark is a mix of competitive and casual at at the same time, and we also have a great sister Alliance, Ye Old Curiosities Shop that is a great combination of experienced and newer players.

Either way, The Shop Family is a great home. We do expect the basics, hit the Titan, use all of your war flags if opted in, but we also respect that RL comes first.

We are adults only because of reasons, and we do require Line.

Come check us out!


I can highly suggest any of the shops. They are one of the longest-running franchises in the game
( 4 years )and a bit peculiar :laughing: I also hear they have special connections to flavored :popcorn: and :beer: :kiss:


You might check out Demi Gods & Semi Devils. We are active, and many of us match your roster/level experience. We are pretty laid back and competitive at the same time - we have some alliance goals but we’re not willing to sacrifice the fun to get there. We have an active ad posted on the forum. Let me know if you have questions.

We have two slots in our alliance! EPU - Empires and Puzzles University. We are a learning / teaching alliance - all levels. We are currently facing 9-10* titans. You would both be welcomed

Hello ShadowLily
The Last Legion family is recruiting. Based on what you are looking for, I believe 2 of our alliances would be a good fit. Legion of Vengeance and Legion of Hunters.

You can reach me on Line ID:RomanLeviticus, if you would like to discuss further or reply here as I check the forums often

You could join us at the Struggle Bus… we are active team mostly from US and Canada that uses all flags and is hitting 10-11 * titans

Deadly Souls


Thanks to everyone, we really appreciate all the replies. We knew we could count on the forum folks.


If you’re call is still open, check us out.

Bera tanks are a headache :neutral_face:

you can come check us out at Ascendant Blinks, we are part of the Ascendant Family

we are a growing alliance looking for active players to grow with us. we have the Ascendant Family and the knowledge of some very advanced players who are more than happy to help you out with any issue or question you may have. though line app is optional

we require the bare minimum, titan hits as many times as your schedule allows
war is optional but all flags are mandatory, tank is set monthly, war is FFA
if something in RL comes up, we do understand
we are only allergic to inactivity, if you wish to step away from the game for a while (vacation, a break, etc) a small heads up is all we need. we remove inactive after 5 days and elders after 15 days of unnotified inactivity.

we are easy playing because we all have RL outside of the algorithm walls.
if you are interested, come check us out. we currently have 6 spots open

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