Seeking More Collaborators As Fandom Wiki Grows

Hey everyone! The Fandom wiki was originally started in on by someone else months ago has now been picked up anew by me earlier this month. While it originally held less than 100 pages, all heroes, it now contains well over 300, including tables for building upgrades and research, basic hero info, lists of heroes by star, recommendations, events, and more.

I picked up this work because this game, while straight-forward (match 3, use special skills), is still quite complex and there’s a ton of information out there in completely disparate places… while the purpose of a wiki is precisely that: combine the knowledge that the community acquires into a readily consumable, easily navigable format. I hope you might see the value in such an endeavor and consider becoming a collaborator in the project! :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing what this can become as we work together and continue to build it out more and more.

~ Che Tranqui


Good idea. I use Fandom very regularly, and when I found the E&P wiki months ago, I was disappointed at the lack of info.

I’d be glad to help!

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We’re up to over 300 pages total, now. Most of these are hero pages in which we’ve put a lot of thought into how to appropriately categorize said heroes. At the bottom of the Hero Information page is a series of about 40 or so total categories that you can click on to use as filters.

Most recent additions include the Family, Map, and Titan pages. As with most pages on the wiki, while they have ‘sufficient’ information, they could each be improved with the right minds on the task and we’d love to have your collaboration. :slight_smile:

We also just finished off the Ingredients page, including adding links to appropriate provinces where that particular ingredient is regularly farmed.

Plenty of work yet ahead, but I’m pretty proud of those 300+ pages - the wiki is filling out nicely!

Forgive me for my lack of fandom wiki knowledge. I shall endeavor to explore more tomorrow but alas it’s almost my bedtime. I’m a visual person and I know there are some awesome maps created by E&P gamers. I’m not sure who created this one but because you mentioned ingredients I shall post it below. I have several others saved on my phone and ones I have filed in our alliance chat on Line. I’ll wait to add them until I make sure I’m not duplicating what you may already had. I didn’t see this one on the ingredients page. Just a list …

This came in very handy for me and still does when I want to craft an item but want to make sure I’m not wasting ingredients I may need for a more important item later.

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That looks like a forge list! What’s up with the hero name on the left there?

I absolutely adore incorporating resources such as this. Mariamné’s work has made the Seasonal Events and Rare Quest pages look amazing, along with other’s work elsewhere. The more well-made graphics and infographics the better!

Not sure if we’d include the graphic above on the forge page or not, as having links is super important to wiki functionality, but perhaps it could serve as an icon source. …really, though, if we’re to use much of it, I’d definitely prefer to have a source with it if at all possible.

Not sure to be honest. Some make sense like Sharon is a 1 star healer so she does “minor healing”. Rigard cleanses so he got assigned to the antidote. But not sure why isarnia got tornadoes. It was obviously created very early in the game. Someone from the forum may know the source. I will ask around in the Line chats I’m in to see if they know who created it.

Also Mariamne created Maps with icons to where the ingredients can be found. Not sure if you found those. I believe they are on the forum but I have copies as well if you don’t already have them. I’m a fan of her graphics.

Found who created it @Pois1 made it. It is on the forum …


In our most recent census of site use, it turns out that we’ve reached over 6,000 hits in this past week alone. It’s pretty incredible. What’s amazing is that we currently only have a small handful of people (3-4?) who are currently maintaining and adding to the database, though. It’s great to see our work being utilized by so many people!

Random: Why wiki's are important

I got involved in the wiki, personally, because I believe that one person’s opinions, while valid, should not inform the masses… but rather, the consensus of the community. We have a lot of tools here in the E&P community that have been created and hosted on Google sites. So many, in fact, that I have twice as many bookmarks for E&P as I have for any other game I play. Wouldn’t it be better to have all of that information available in one location, easily navigable by clicking links or a simple, localized search?

That is the power of a wiki. Please consider becoming a collaborator and helping to ensure the quality of such a powerful resource that has such a wide reach. If you have never contributed to a wiki before, I assure you that it’s a fairly straight-forward experience and would be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

We do have a basic Style Guide that should generally be adhered to, as well as a list of Current Projects. It would also be great to simply have you use the wiki and make various edits and additions as you find pages that you deem to be missing something, or perhaps somewhat unclear. It is in these small changes, over time, that the power of a wiki truly shines.

Thanks for your time and considering joining the effort. o7

Updated to incorporate all Hero Classes, talents included.

With over 8,000 hits in the past week, we could still use some new hands on deck! We have plenty of Current Projects that we’d love your input on!

1st I’ve heard of this

New update!

Y’all are stinkin’ amazing, ya know that? Adding up all the hits from the past week totaled over 80,000! Many of these content pages (like the Calendar page!) were my creations, but while my interest in the game has not wavered, I’m not as free to put in the time to creatively dig and put together the new content pages needed.

If you find yourself drawn into these new features, please consider joining us in keeping the wiki a high quality resource available to the community. It’s a simple process, really:

  1. Head to the wiki and create an account with Fandom - it’s free, and they don’t spam your email or anything!
  2. Find a page that you want to edit and click the edit button!
  3. If the page doesn’t exist yet, create it - even a skeleton page is better than nothing and might spark someone else’s creativity.
  4. Consider joining the E&P wiki’s discord channel to collaborate better and ask questions of those of us who have been doing it longer.

That’s really it! Thanks for trusting in us and making this endeavor a success, all. Please consider joining the crew and helping us keep it as up to date as possible with all these new fandangled features comin’ out so often! :smiley:


I’ll be glad to hop om board!
Thanks for the heads up and how to join!


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