Seeking Merger For the End of the World


I currently lead Loki’s Warriors and would like to find a merger or family to absorb us. I don’t have the time to recruit and we’ve been sitting at 19 for quite some time. We’ve got folks of varying ability and roster depth- from big hitters to clean up specialists. Everyone speaks English and is drama-free. Rather than hang on here for who knows how long it makes more sense to join forces with some other folks.

Happy gaming!:grin::partying_face:

Please consider Phoenix Empire Family! We have a place for all levels and all types! When I dissolved my alliance 8 months ago, we all found a place within the family, and are all still here! This is a wonderful family of alliances!

You can see our ad here:

We are a family of 5 alliances.
East of the Equator is our main alliance along with 4 other alliances each with their own level of players.
East is currently stringing 14 star titans
West is 11 to 12 star and so on down the line.
Hit the link below and it will bring you to our welcome channel where we can discus how we can make this work.

If nothing else come for a visit and check out our extensive library.
Access to the library can be yours to keep just for visiting. You have nothing to lose. Come on over and lets chat.

Hi Mad1Max -

I am one of the coleaders for East of the Equator. We’re very diverse in our members, with varying degrees of experience/rosters. I used to lead one of the arms of Seven Days (Condemned) and have found sanctuary with this family as well as a couple of my officers. We offer a competitive-yet-friendly environment of folks from many different backgrounds and experience. We’d certainly be open to fill our ranks at the flagship, as well as our developmental arms at West and Newbies with upgrade paths to East. Let’s chat to see how we can make this work Equator Alliances

There really are some amazing people in the community. Thank you very much for the responses. We’re talking to a couple of people right now, trying to make sure we find the best fit. If things don’t work out I will absolutely reach out to anyone I haven’t spoken with to see if there are still spots available. Good luck to you all and happy gaming!:hugs::sunny::white_heart:

Was going to suggest you send 2 or 3 of your members over to check us out. Look at our library and all the info we have in our discord channel’s.
But if you found a match hope it works out for you there :wink:

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