Seeking help with Red hero duplicates



First time poster and still new to the game (a couple weeks in). Thanks for making the forums such a robust and friendly environment! So anyway…

My current Red hero core consists of the following…

Here are my instincts…

Scarlett - I like what she brings and is my current priority for feeders

Colen duplicates - Reading various forum posts, I’m sold on eventually leveling him up but is there a reason I should keep both instead of feeding one into the other?

Jahangir duplicates - Even with getting the one up to 2/19, I just can’t bring myself to like this guy…he just always seems like so much less of a bada** than he should be. Am I an idiot for wanting to feed them both to Scarlett?

Hawkmoon - I’m keeping her because, well, healers, right?

Nashgar duplicates - I’ll feed one into the other and level him up for a decent Red striker to augment Scarlett.

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

EDIT - Apologies for the cut off screen capture, not sure what I did wrong that prevented it from scaling down.


Don’t feed any 4☆ heroes.
You may need them later.
But as you are still new to the game I recommend you to build first 3☆ heroes … they take much less food/feeders and no hard to get ascend items required.
3☆ team will let you play rare events and run fast on your map redoing stages.
Fire 3☆ on you best are Nashgar and Hawkmoon. Jihanger fails.
After maxing your first 3☆ team (at least one) you can work on Scarlett then Colen they came very handy on raids and titans, When they are still small beasts.


Nothing wrong with your screenshot … its normal you just press on it and you will find out.


I agree don’t feed Colen just yet.

But I would almost always do a 4* before a 3*. So yes do Scarlett then Colen. A 4* is actually quicker to level up then a 3* when you look at most bang for the buck. The amount of feeders to fully level a 3* will take a 4* to 3.20. I would take a 4* at 3.20 any day over a fully leveled 3*.

No need to keep your duplicates of the 3*.


You guys show why these forums are great, thanks so much for the quick response.

First, I’ve read a lot on the forums about the 3* “quick start” vs. the “slower burn” approach just going after those 4* heroes straight away and investing in some of the best quality 3* to augment. I appreciate both perspectives but the “slow burn” approach suits my personality a bit better so I think I’m headed down that path. I like long push to improve the characters, it takes me back to my old AD&D days. Also, I’m not yet at the point of worrying about AW or building a big roster for that purpose; I’ll let you all go on killing each other and happily watch from the sidelines. :grinning:

Lastly, I did one last impulse pull on the Fire Elemental Summon and lucked into Boldtusk. So here’s the plan…

** Get Scarlett up to level 40 and do her first ascension.

** Focus on the same for Boldtusk.

** Leave both Colens in place and on the back burner for now.

** Feed both Jahangirs into Scarlett and/or Boldtusk.

** Feed Hawkmoon upward as well since Boldtusk will better serve the healer purpose and I don’t feel compelled to hang on to a lesser healer that I won’t likely use anytime soon.

** Hang on to one Nashgar and feed the other one into him.

Again, THANK YOU for the quick and thoughtful replies.


Definitely get Bold up and running! I lucked onto him very early in my game and leveled him since he was my first 4* red. I haven’t regretted it once. :smile: In fact, my main team is now up to 3700 and he’s still on it. I know I’ll have to replace him one day, but it’s hard to let go of your first :heart:


Boldtusk is your priority, Level him first.


If I may:

  • Boldtusk = max him
  • Scarlet = next
  • Colens = save
  • Hawkmoon = Keep for Beginner Events and war
  • Jahangir = “I don’t like him either!”
  • Nashgar = my favorite red 3*; Keep both for now till you’ve replaced later with better 4*

If you participate in war, you need to count your top 30 down using the power setting, on heroes. Do you have 30? Don’t be so quick to toss some that might be useful. :wink:


Another vote for boldtusk. One of the most useful 4s in the game.

He’s a decent enough healer, but it’s attack bonus that’s massive and makes a real difference. Plus he’s quite solid as a tank and you may even find yourself using him even after you have a drawn a few fives. He’s great in every game mode, including offense and defense.

I don’t generally agree with the whole “level up threes first” mentality. To each their own, but I believe fours are the real difference maker. Fives absolutely take a long time to get up to standard, as well as gobbling up a lot of materials.

I have colen maxed. I never took scarlett all the way up. She’s at 3.60 and has been for a long time. She wasn’t the best fit for my team when I was deciding who got the hidden blades.

My advice to you would be to max boldtusk first. And then take scarlett and a colen up to 3.60. You can play with them both from their and decide who YOU will like best and which of them you want to max. You might have someone else drop in the meantime that you’d prefer. All of your red fours are very decent though. Be happy about that.

Finally, you probably won’t ever max a second colen, but there’s no need to throw one away so early in the game. It’s just one slot. Hold onto him for now. You may want him later. You may want to eat him later. You don’t have to decide yet


Wow … we are on a very same line :smile:
I will consider my self a player with a vision if many replays of mine came samiler to expert players like you ^^


Boldtusk first. Then Scarlett. Scarlett has among the highest attack stats in the game at base level, pairing her with boldtusk is nice. Scarlett is a little on the squishy side but her ability to lower opponents attacks help keep her alive and her special is fast mana. Boldtusk is just solid in every aspect of the game. Boldtusk first, Scarlett is a nice compliment.


What Rook said +1

As you play, you will find your patience level with this game. You can build up a roster of heroes very slowly, eventually getting 4* and 5* heroes from your training centers, hoarding gems, or pay for as many summons as you want.

There is a spectrum of playing styles from free to spending $$$$ on hero summons.

The lower your budget, the more you have to find the best ways to use the heroes you get, no matter how good or bad they are.

The higher your budget, the more you get to pick out the ones you want to use, and the less you have to make do with “inferior” heroes.

Either way, the synergy/cooperation of the heroes you pick from will make a big difference, and sometimes “inferior” heroes can make a very effective group together.

My history with those heroes…

  • Jahangir was my first red hero, I maxed him, and I put him to the best use I could…now I’d only use him as my 2nd red hero in a rare challenge…until I finish Hawkmoon or the Namhage the 3* red from Atlantis, 'tho I’ll keep Jahangir around as one more red hero for those, I think.) I doubt I’ll even use him in a last round war attack ever again, 'tho I did use him that way for a while.
  • I did eventually get Nashgar but still haven’t leveled him up. If you want to level up a red 3*, he’s a better choice than Jahangir.
  • Scarlett was my second red hero, and I loved her. She gets less use now that I’ve got five other 4* / 5* heroes. I’ve got a spare Scarlett that I probably won’t level up, but I’m still keeping her for now.
  • Boldtusk was my third. I still use him all the time, raiding and most titans. I’ve got a spare Boldtusk I probably will level up someday
  • I pulled at least two Colens and I’ve still not leveled them up. I think I’m still keeping one.


I’m not an expert, I’m a cat! Lol

Thank you for your kind words. :slight_smile:

Last bit of advice for the OP: When you have unleveled heroes and are trying to decide between them, go to the Summon Gate (Epic Hero setting), and skip through the heroes till you find yours; screenshot. Summon Gate shows all regular heroes at maximum. Now you can compare both choices at their best.

If you have an HOTM or Event Hero to check, you can pull up the top players and see if any of them have that maxed Hero…4* at 4^70, 5* at 4^80. Go to the bottom of your main screen and click as follows:

Alliance > Alliances > Leaderboard > Top Players


Or you can go as follows:
Menu 》 Rankings 》Top players :wink:


Wow, everyone, the cup of wisdom runneth over…I love it! I so appreciate the guidance, shared experiences and validation!

@Rook I actually already practice scrolling through the Elemental Summoning rolls even to see how many pulls I feel is adequate and what type of results would make me happy. Great and appreciated thought!

As background, I did commit early on to what I frame to be a "foundation investment ". I’m not keen to pour undefined financial resources into any game, but I figure I could readily spend $100 USD into a new PS4 or PC game with add-ons, so why not here if I plan to get a couple years of enjoyment out of the deal? As such I bought a 10k gem deal, a 365 day VIP and a couple of the smaller promotional deals. That has given me a nice nest egg from which to build so long as I don’t go crazy. I’ve lucked into some pretty good pulls and am happy to build those up rather than rashly chase an “instant max out” type of team…what’s the fun?

ANYWAY…since your sage advice was first offered, I’ve been working on parallel leveling Scarlett and Boldtusk. My 2/19 Jahangir was kind enough to offer himself as a tasty meal/kick start to Boldtusk. So now I’m at…

Scarlett - 1/26 and leveling
Boldtusk - 1/13 and leveling
2 x Colen - 1/1 waiting their turn
Hawkmoon - 1/1 waiting and seeing
2 x Nashgar - 1/1 waiting their turn

Also, I fully agree on the joy Boldtusk can bring with his combined healing and attack boost. That exact profile is what makes my 1/34 Kiril my favorite healer, especially when paired with my 2/1 Rigard.

I’m not typically one that participates much in the social aspect of a game, but you all make it really appealing. Cheers to all!