Seeking for alliance that matches all this for 2 players lvl 60+

-Focused on WIN in wars (you will sell your mom for a win, have a war leader, attack in waves, strategy…etc…)

  • shooting futile attacks in wars -those should be cleaners - missing war flag = kick
  • green or purple war tanks
  • agrees on war defence and gives suggestions and takes suggestions to maximise win rate
  • you need to have at least 9* titans as lowest


P.s. do not reply if you do not match any of this requirements

To delete…
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Check if you fullfill the requirements for 7DU

The requirements are a liitle bit harder now:
You need 20+ maxed 5*
20+ maxed 4* heroes and rainbow mana troops at least lvl17. We chase 14* titans, you need to be able to make damage of average 100k per killed titan.
If you are able to fullfill this apply via line or discord. Contacts in our recruitment thread.

Hope to see you soon.

EAST OF THE EQUATOR. Family of 5 alliances. Extensive library of tips and game info. Library is yours to use rather you join us or not so come have a chat.

Join fast wehave spots open…
Line- mr.Monty.007

Rising Dawn

War strategy, purple tanks and 11* at the moment.
We have strike rules for war but give people a break when they need it
No designated targets or cleaners, we’ve all been palying long enough to know how to use our rosters, but there’s always someone on to co-ordinate attack waves.

Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested or join us directly in game
Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel

We went to merica boss, hopefully we will stay there :slight_smile:

I’ll flag a friendly moderator for you to close your thread. Typing CLOSE is not foolproof

Congrats and hope everything works your new alliance.


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