Seeking for a new home for 2

Coven of Chaos would love to have you.

Rules are simple. Hit titan, smoke fools in war, have fun. We are 21 members strong, tight knit group, just added 2 folks like you and they love it. Hit me on discord. Taylor1016, if interested.

Just curious. Have you already made up your mind?

БЪЛГАРИ ЮНАЦИ.Е алиансът ни и всички сме активни

Join us at Infinite Waters!
We are fighting 10-11 star Titans (going up to 12…)
We use all war flags. And colour elements tanks.
Hit the Titan daily. And use discord (optional) to share roster, advice, calendars, vacation breaks, and just fun general chat.
We would love to see you both join our family.

The majority of us are over level 50-70
We have a few lower members but we love them just as much as our hard hitters as they are so keen to learn and grow.

Drop me a message if you’re interested or request to join us. It’s 1200 trophies minimum.

Realizing I’m super late to the game, but if you haven’t found anything, come check us out at Titan Up! We’re working on mostly 14* titans when full, have a simple war strategy, and just chat to help each other out. We have a line chat, but it’s optional and not mandatory, everything absolutely needed is posted in game :smile: Feel free to come check us out, or if you prefer to Line us with any questions, Line ID: jennscomet!

I think you and your friend would be a good fit for Gitrdone . We have simple rules,hit the titan, use all aw flags ,yadayadayada. We’re a pretty laid back group but serious about titans and rarely do we leave flags on the aw field. We are currently taking down 10 & 11* titans with 12’s occasionally. We have three spots open and hoping to fill those as our goal is to beat 13 * & 14* titans one day. Our members TP range from high4100 to 4600. Please check us out if you haven’t found a home yet.

Thank you all for the feedback, really appreciate it. we’ve made a choice :pray:

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Last Jedi Regiments is recruiting 2 players!!

If you’ve found a new home, one of our friendly @moderators can close your thread? Otherwise, you’ll continue to be inundated with invitations :thinking:.


Good luck in your new home Jsp!

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