Seeking for a new home for 2

Good luck, putting yourself out there to be recruited can be stressful. :+1:

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Idle Hands would be keen to have the two of you :slight_smile:

We don’t attack high level titans as that is the area in this game we care about least but we are 4 friends in a small alliance called The Gooch Smoochers.

We don’t have any rules besides needing ya to smooch some gooches every once in a while. Two of us are in the 4600 range, one at 4000, and one at 3500.

We are pretty chill and love our war battles.

Small alliances are fun! Ya should give it a try :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Hello JSp! The Crew family has for sure an alliance that would be a great fit for you. @Math4lyfe and @Rigs will guide you perfectly!

Maybe u can go to “elemental phoenix”. Titan 10*. Leader name: Bree

Not much conversation there. The rules is simple hit titan and use all war flags.

No strict rules. U can use ur war flags anytimes u like as long as u use it all.

This alliance perfect for unchatty person.

Hey @JSp! :wave:
Check out our alliance, you and your friend are the kind of players we are looking for and we would love to have you joining us.
You can contact me on Line: magnifique89 or on our thread :

Looking forward to hear from you! :wink:

Outlaw Warriors is currently recruiting,we are on 10*-12* titans simple rules, hit titans, use flags in war strategies are posted in banner

Crew-Raiders is currently hitting 12/13 star titans and has room for two more. We have simple war strategy and you TP would fit right in. We are a friendly and chatty bunch, please contact david_kick in Line for more information.


Thanks for the tag @Kloster!

Most crews use line so I’m not sure if we can accommodate this request but there are tons of great options listed here. :slight_smile:

Good luck in your search @JSp!! Please reach out if your friend decides Line is acceptable. Happy to discuss crew options.

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Hey JSp,

Check out Re-Amplified. We are a casual but active alliance. We are currently hitting 8-9* titans, but you and your friend could push us to 9-10*. War is optional. We use simple war strategy, and aim to use every flag.


We’d love to have you with Global Titan Slayers…10-11 stars now, will creep to 12 with some added FP. Simple war strategy and expectations to use flags if opted in but RL happens and we understand that too…come check us out!!

Arizona Redneckz 1 or 2 is a great place to build and learn…
Arizona Redneckz

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Aloha JSp CrewRogues has a perfect home and family semi-casual atmosphere for you. We would love to have both of you in our chillax alliance. Titan hits daily and war is optional. If you decide to participate use all flags.

Would love the opportunity to know both of you! Please contact me @Bzzinator

As @Math4lyfe said most Crews use Line. We do have one player without Line which still works out for her. We can make adjustments and I am flexible. It’s a game and most of all want you both to have Fun!

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Howdy I’m the leader of the Sixth Element. We are a friendly group of folks that recently lost two members that had been with us for a year and a half. So we would like to have folks like yourselves join our Alliance. I’ll add our banner and y’all can see if you’d like to out… No harm in trying right?

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Well you have my line Id from Sherwood Rogues, and I’ve message you back if you didn’t find your home yet.

Edit: in case that was not you who reached out to me earlier, here is our info:

I leave this here :slight_smile:

It is fine if you don’t have LINE, we can work that out.

Coven of Chaos would love to have you.

Rules are simple. Hit titan, smoke fools in war, have fun. We are 21 members strong, tight knit group, just added 2 folks like you and they love it. Hit me on discord. Taylor1016, if interested.

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