Seeking Dedicated Alliance

How dedicated? :thinking:

May as well chuck the proverbial hat into the ring anyway. :laughing:
Consider checking out (the unfortunately led by me) Fusion Fighters to see if we’re the right fit for you.

Check us out
Crew Knights

Hey Vito!

If you haven’t found an alliance yet, check out Rise Against. We have 10* titans, green tanks for war with strategy and 21 members currently. Feel free to message me on Line @ charles-p and I hope to see you soon!


Are there any alliances out there where the members actually participate? Because I can’t find a good alliance

Try “Seven days departed”, I hear they’re quite active…

Really? I have been in lots of active alliances whilst touring the E&P universe. It all depends on what you’re looking for…

  • Titan level?
  • Current defense TP?

Perhaps if you moved your thread over to alliance recruitment, you’ll get responses from active recruiters :thinking:.


I can see you’ve had a couple of threads looking for alliance before that have had some responses but have timed out. Perhaps there is a group from one of them that may suit you?

If you want to find a suitable group then as @Sarah2 says it might help to include some details as to your team strengths, titan level, troops etc and how active you want to be so people can k ow if you are a good fit. Also if you come back to see responses etc then it may help too.


Hmmm… Nice detective work @Kilted :thinking:.

1000% agree!


Lol I’m sure I’m not the only recruiter type that when they see an ad first thing is checking for post history to see if anything that suggests good or bad fit for general chat/ sense of humour dynamic. Gotta make sure it’s the right person as well as the right level. In fact I’d take person over level 95% of the time


Yes, Rise Against have good participation with titans and wars, check us out. A spot just opened up

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Didn’t know there was such a thread oh, thank you I’ll check it out

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Hello @Vito342. I have slightly edited your thread title for clarity.

Good luck with your search!

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