Seeking Dedicated Alliance

Does anyone have an alliance with dedicated people?


@Vito342 Dedicated to sarcasm, :popcorn:, :beer:, and adult laughter and gaming???
Contact mama…bear (2dots)
Founder of the shops and one of the longest running franchises in the game with a top 100 house. ( 4 years) enough dedication? :laughing:

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The Shop Family is truly a unique culture with a mix of gameplay and and a place that you can be yourself.

No matter what level of game play you are, we have a house for you. We play hard, but laugh even harder.


Please give Misery Loves E&P a look. Currently we are g 23 members hitting 11/12* titans. We only have 1 rule and that is to use all war flags if opt in (and we almost always do). we change tanks every few weeks but no other strategy to speak of.

The Elk is a small alliance with dedicated players. Hitting 6/7* titans we have 6 members. We use coordinating tanks for war. We use line to communicate with each other.


We also have a house accepting merges if u have friends u like to bring if interested @Vito342 … Just let us know


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East of the equator has 5 active teams. One to fit anyone’s needs. Just hit the link and let’s have a chat.


We have a pretty chill alliance here at Fantasy Warriors. Why not check us out?

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Looking to join a dedicated Alliance

If you could give just abit more information about yourself… That would be great.
Your level
How many 5* 4* maxed.
What your looking for in a allaince.


Hey Vito,

The Last Legion family of alliances is recruiting. We have several alliances ranging from training alliances to a top 10 alliance in the game. Can you expand on what you are looking for?

Early bird gets the worm. :+1:

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@Vito342 The Shops franchise has 4 houses for every level. I’m sure any of the would be happy to have ya. As long as u r over 18yo, have line and can handle sarcasm :laughing: :popcorn: :beer: @Diablo.Gato @Sillystar can help ya. :kiss:

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Hate worms… I’ll stick with my :beer: and :popcorn:

Seriously vito, plenty of great alliances, wherever u land may the boards be with u.

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Just hit that link above and we can have a chat. We have 5 teams , I’m sure one of those will fit your needs

you can come check us out at Ascendant Blinks, we are part of the Ascendant Family
our family has many alliance levels, from casual to advanced.

we are a growing alliance looking for active players to grow with us. we have the Ascendant Family and the knowledge of some very advanced players who are more than happy to help you out with any issue or question you may have. though line app is optional.

we require the bare minimum, titan hits as many times as your schedule allows
war is optional but all flags are mandatory, tank is set monthly, war is FFA
if something in RL comes up, we do understand
we are only allergic to inactivity, if you wish to step away from the game for a while (vacation, a break, etc) a small heads up is all we need. we remove inactive after 5 days and elders after 15 days of unnotified inactivity.

we are easy playing because we all have RL outside of the algorithm walls.