Seeking dedicated/active warriors for our alliance


We are seeking members who are very active and dedicated to help build our family/team oriented alliance. Our members are from all over the world, so all are welcome(English speaking). Communication is important for us so we can all work together. However we keep it respectful and pg as all age groups are welcome.
We are currently hitting 7/8* Titans, and with your help we strive to move forward onto bigger and badder ones.
War is optional, however if you opt in we require all 6 flags used. Therefore you need at least 30 heroes in your roster, and use all flags efficiently by communicating and following our war strategy.
We have experienced players who can guide and teach you on your way.
We offer the Line app where we store a lot of interesting game information, offer hero help, strategize for our war and have a place to just chat and goof around.
We have 8 spots available. 1000+ cups required.
3 consecutive titan misses and you are out.
We understand life happens, so let us know your story and we are very understanding.

If this sounds like an alliance for you come check us out. Or you can chat with us on Line: violetstarchild

A competitive, fun loving group of people, waiting for like-minded folks to join our alliance. Come check us out!

Now looking for 7 active fun family friendly folks to help us grow

Only 5 spots remaining!

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