Seeking CHATTY heart + hilarity: Mini Merger

A group of 2 with 3+ to follow (one level 57 most in our 70s) seek a very chatty game home. We are the active, extremely chatty core of a long term alliance.

We are in our 40s and 50s and mostly-litterbox trained adults who will flow with whatever your alliance rules are. We are competitive mid to end-stage players who like a tight ship but aren’t heading for leaderboards.

Online community is why we keep playing so culture is way more important than game style.

We seek ALL of the following:
Cool with LGBT+, atheists, goths, vegans, old punks, reluctant duck hunters…

Socially rich Discord where folks with HEART AND HILARITY share real/funny stuff. We can host a Discord or join yours. We mostly adhere to channel topics but we really share; from divorces to Soul Exchange anxiety attacks, we are there with Realness! It takes chiming in most days with at least a few lines and being the one who tells the stories sometimes. “Line” only for a love match.

You have 8+ players who have time/energy for online community described above and another 10+ who would contribute now and then. I could help with recruitment. We like full alliances. Our crew could be Damage Over Time heroes (join as space comes) if your alliance is currently too full.

We aren’t up for left war flags / alliance members who don’t communicate.

If you know of anywhere that ticks those boxes, please drop a note below.



Active Army would love to take you but unfortunately we don’t have enough spare slots in our alliance to accommodate you all.
Hope you find a fun alliance soon
Best wishes


I’d suggest TBD Part Deux - an encouraging international team with members that have been together a while. There’s room for you all. They also have an active Discord channel. Tagging @Macaque1902 @Bruton @JaR82

More information here…

GL in your decision making


You forgot the Line channel @Sarah2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Though it is only used for posting raid and war videos.

@portensia if your people are interested you can find me there too using the id bruton77

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Just hit that link and it will bring you to our welcome channel
There we can discuss a merger with us
We are a family of 5 alliances
We have an extensive library we can share with you on our discord. Rather you join us or decide not too . Yours to keep abd use
Hit that link above abd lets chat

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Hi! We’d love to have you in our alliance.
We seek players with troops at level 23+
Very chatty and informative bunch. We have room for all of you. Why not come check us out and see if we are a good match for you?

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Green Murder Hornets has 7 spots

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Green Murder Hornets Says “no chat apps” in the message so unless you have a ton of super chatty members just waiting for a Discord… I am puzzled.

Thanks Lace! I dropped in for just a sec. Sounded like Line… Not impossible but will keep looking for now. I did find your in-game chat charming tho. Cheers!

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To anyone reading this: The Equator DISCORD is a thing of beauty. Tons of info!

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Hey there! I know I’m late to the party, but if you want to check us out, it would be cool😎 We are very established with long term players. Not so big anymore because of life happening. We are chill, funny, and easy to get along with. Not sure if we check all of your boxes, but you can pop in for a test run if you want! RockeyRampage

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Thanks for the sweet offer, Laci! I dropped by your spot earlier today ~ sounds like you are a Line group. Have to think about that. Seems like we’ll be settling in for another war chest and then see where we are at :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry I should have mentioned we do use Line. Thanks for dropping in though. I was asleep when you did. And missed most of the chat. :joy:
I’ve just been informed on the discussion of topic.
:mushroom: :mushroom: - there’s always something new to discuss with this bunch.
Always here if you ever change your mind.
You will be a great addition to any alliance. Good luck.

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We’ve got a few spaces open across our alliance groups, including our top team which has similar members to your group. Feel free to stop by our discord if you would like to hang out.

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Heys! Look us up…Freezer Burn. We have a pretty lively Discord group.

Lively in game chats too of various kinds.

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Thank you! SO we kind of gave up but… maybe Port can visit in 5 or 6 days to meet and greet and chat more and reconsider? We opted into war and were going to stay put for at least a chest, etc.

Yea sounds good port!

Come have a browse of the war(s). All the best in yours!

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Hi Portensia, I think we at HamNation tick most if not all those boxes. Come along, give us a go and see how the fit is. We have had to move a couple of people on, and have lsot a couple recently due to the lost love of the game so we have enough spots for all 5 of you. It would be good to have you aboard and get back to solid 12/13* titans, and the chat side of things can also do with some new energy.

Hope to see you all soon.

Daren (Daztardly)

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@mpolo maybe u can make it work

Not sure if you’ve already found a home, but Crew-Barons would love to have you. We use Line as a backup communication. We’re naturally at 12* titans, though the game randomly jumped us to a 13* rare at this moment.