Seeking alliance

I don’t know if you’re still looking. If not, let me know and I can close this. lf so, we have discord ID’s in 7d I can share. Starting with mine.


We have already spoken

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My apologies. :man_facepalming: maybe you have a different discord name and I can use that as an excuse. If not, I talk to a lot of people so I’ll fall back in that. :relaxed:

Hi, please consider us for the future or if you’re still looking

We’re a bunch of like minded adults who have got together to hopefully create an excellent alliance with a strong leadership and a wealth of knowledge

We’re looking to grow slowly with the right people

Edge of chaos

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Wellcome to alliance


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Deadly Souls is awesome check us out

••frostie••#9061 (Discord ID)

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Can I have your Line contact?

Hello. One of our alliance members spotted your post. We are Lunitics, also looking for a merger. Could be a good match I think?

You still looking? Check out @onlyfans

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Hey I’m the leader of HamNation, you can message me on line (also bub102x) or join that discord link and tag me

Hey Bub, thanks for getting back to me. We actually yesterday joined with another alliance. All is looking good so far, but I will get in touch with you if things don’t work out. Wishing you well,

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You still looking.
Check us out “Vikings Ascended”. :blush:

One spot open… Grab it why its available :green_heart::+1:
We a cool bunch hit titan use war flags etc… Drama free…


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We are newly formed but veteran players. Don’t dismiss because we are small… We are small (temporarily) but mighty! :muscle:

We are 8 crazy cats, we have been together for a long time, we have always traveled together, and we decided to create our own house, we are organized, friendly and sociable. Zero drama and we are here to support each other and continue to grow together.
We are good players, we have war strategies, we use all our flags, red tank and hit the titan daily.
We are from all over the globe , although the majority of UK, English speaker, we use line and discord.
It would be interesting if you could join us: @ Impossible Krazy Kats
or you can send me a message by line id: eroth

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