Seeking advice on Blue ascension choice


Currently I have 3 Blue heroes I’m considering ascending, and only enough warm capes for 1 of them. My Choices are Kiril (4*), Persus (5*) and Isarina (5*). I’ve been running Kiril for his healing and buff skill, since the other members of my team are heavy on the offensive skills. Perseus hits hard, but his skill is rather niche. His best advantage is a fast mana charge speed. Isarina is my least favorite choice, since her skill builds mana slowly, but but I’m open to arguments that convince me otherwise.

The rest of my team is Alberich, Quintus, Majana, Hu Tao. I prefer to have 2 healer/buffers in my team. A last-second heal or buff has been the difference between victory and defeat on many a raid. But is Kiril worth using the 4 warm cloaks on, or should I go with a heavy hitter and hope to get a strong healer in a future legendary draw?

My IDEAL situation would be to get Vivicia as my 2nd party healer, and put a 5* blue with strong attack skills in. But the odds of getting that particular hero are pretty low. So again, back to using Kiril. As a less favorable choice, I considered swapping out Marjana for Boldtusk, and replacing Kiril with either Isarina or Perseus.

Note that this is my main raiding and questing team. I use a totally different lineup to hunt titans.


You don’t have a defence debuffer, and Isarnia is the only one you have.

Oh, and her and Magni have the best attack stats.


He also doesn’t have an attack buffer. Mathematically buffing the attack or debuffing defense are equivalent.

My question is your telescope stock. Do you have any hope of getting your 5* blue up to fourth ascension soon? If you have three or fewer telescopes, I’d go with Kiril now, if you have four or more, I’d go with Isarnia or Perseus, Between those two, I waffle. Im not a big fan of slow mana heroes or AOE attack, and Isarnia is both, Perseus is better against titans, which I care more about.


Thanks for the advice. I only have 2 Telescopes at the moment, so it looks like Kiril is getting the ascension. As hard as it is to get 5* ascension items, I’ll probably have enough warm cloaks to ascend both Isarnia and Perseus to 3rd tier before I can ascend either to 4th.

As far as not having a defense debuffer, I’d rather have a Heal + Attack Buff + Def Buff than just a def debuffer. More utility in 1 hero. Fighting titans is another story, but I don’t use this party for that.


Aye, don’t invest in 5* heroes if you’re not close to gathering 6 of their necessary items and you haven’t a nice set of 4* to suit all of your needs :slight_smile:

In the most simple terms aim to have:

  • defense debuffer
  • attack buffer
  • a healer
  • a dispeller

Everything else is flexible. You can merge attack buff with healer using Bold or Kiril, or heal and dispel with Melendor Sabina. But given that attack buff always comes with healing, it’s better to use Bold/Kiril and Sonya/Caed.


Surely Kiril is a good choice and i do agree that attack buffers are good as well as defence debuffer.
In your case that you don’t have 4* material to ascend them for now, take Kiril have much more sense.

But even if buffers and debuffers are equally good, remember that you can replace buffers sometimes with banners (weaker, but helps), but there’s no item that reduce defence.


Why do you think Perseus is better than Isarnia against titans. I ask, because I thought against titans the debuffing (Isarnia) is very important. But I’m no expert.
Thanks for your advice


While defense debuff is important, some players prefer a character with a fast mana recharge. That’s the only thing I can think of that would make Perseus a better choice against titans.

I think Isarnia is a better anti-titan choice, since her special will enhance ALL attacks against a titan for 6 turns, while Perseus gives only a 1-time damage spike and no strong buffs/debuffs. With a little bit of good timing, Isarnia’s defense debuff can weaken the titan to all the other heroes’ specials.


My preference would be Isarnia - if you think about it -44% defense debuff is SIGNIFICANT and if you buff your attacks as well you are looking at some significant titan damage. You can always mana potion her if you need the debuff in short order. That’s what I do with Skittle on titans even though he is slow. Her attack power is just the icing on the cake.


The direct damage of Perseus’s special is markedly higher, about 125% higher when you take account of the mana speed difference. It’s a fair counterpoint that, if you’re willing to use mana potions to get her started, it’s very easy to make up, or exceed, that gap with Isarnia’s defense debuff.


I have yet to unleash my Perseus (just ascended to tier 3 - despite 598 power he sure doesn’t look like he’d last long on a 7* titan) to see how ‘strong’ he is but if you subscribe to the ‘tile damage is king’ approach you almost have to love the defense down person by default. I wish I had her to do some testing between the two.

Honestly though, I’d rather Grimm than both for a blue hero; he’s like the best of both of them - high attack power, average speed, solid defense down - like their love child basically :slight_smile:


Even more. Raw damage with his skill Perseus deals per tile is 428, and Isarnia’s would be 187.

Single target hitters will always hit much stronger on titans, but defense debuff is indeed quite crucial. Not sure though if it wouldn’t be better to take Percy and one of the pulverizer fellows. That’s what I’d do if this was my choice.


I used a maxed Grimm and Perseus at tier 3 with Bold or Ares for a 8* red titan. Perseus is not amazing for titans but it worked fine.
Kiril was one of my favorites in the start of the game but getting more heroes but only few ascension items :wink: I maxed Grimm and boldtusk instead and is now working at Perseus.
If I had neither one of them I think Kiril is good choice to level first and Perseus before Isarnia for 5*.


I guess my angle is the exponential (using this term loosely) amount of damage potential with -44% defense for EVERY tile that hits. Again though, I’d rather Grimm than both!