Seeking advice on alliance cooperation

I am Badkitty, the leader of Darkness^Light, we hang just below top 100 on most days and have started killing a few 10* titans. However a full 3rd of my alliance refuses to listen to direction on war strategy or titans. I have done everything short of booting off players for this but I am at my wits end! The rest of us want to be in and stay at the top and some have suggested kicking out those who can’t get with the program. It feels like most days half the team carries the other half.

If you creating rules you must watching for compliance with rules.

You may create daughter alliance for weak players.

We have discussed a sister alliance to grow new players but would like to try and get this one working cooperatively before even attempting it. We have grown some brand new players who are now much stronger and more active than several of the “oldtimers.”

A lot of times that happens…someone who was at the top early in the game coasts or isn’t as active, but feels entitled because they were “there when it started”. Gotta nip that in the bud.

EDIT - easiest way to do that is come up with a few (3-4 at most) rules and expectations and CLEARLY communicate those expectations.

i.e. Rule 1 - don’t be a douchebag. Rule 2: looking for 70k per player per titan. Rule 3: use all AW hits.

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Start recruiting new players and as you find them, kick out the worst offender or 2 first. That will let the other slackers know you mean business and they will either straighten up or leave (if they leave, good riddance).

What’s your current method of communication with your alliance ? In-game chat ? Line ? Other ? Also, do you have co-leaders ? If, so, what have you guys brainstormed so far ? It shouldn’t just be you (unless you lack co-leaders) trying to figure this out.

I would consider removing your worst offender, even if you don’t have a replacement. That will serve two purposes, 1. let everyone know you’re serious and 2. force you to recruit more aggressively. Recruiting is (can) be hard, but you should be able to find better players in due time…

I do use co- leaders and we have discussed this issue adnauseum. There were rules when I joined the alliance months ago but they seem to have been forgotten. I guess I will have to list them in alliance banner for those who dont read in game chat.
Some of my co-leaders and I do use line but large majority has not joined us on line chat.


Hey bad kitty boot a douche make a space aand ill.join n u roll. I average 100k per titan on 9 stars and trophys about 2200 2300. Been in my alliance time.and stuck at 120k with all best players leaving. Really wanna 100. Plus check me.out im in East Coast Killers. Im.from uk

Stiffy. there should be spot tomorrow after war is over.
Come join us, we are in and out of top 100 just can’t seem to stay there and only active cooperative players will get us there!

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Ok send me a message on here before u amke the space, and ill.leave. i.already im.likely to.go. in same boat as u but.our leader not.really active. I tried to push people and was some.resistant.1 guy left and made a dig n now i cant be assed to boot 8 players the job when im not.leader . Im on line if.u.lot.on there

I love it when a plan comes together… :slight_smile:
Good luck to you guys. Don’t settle for warm bodies…

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I am on Line as Gsgal…group is Darkness^Light

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