Seek Wisdom on which Red Legendary heroes to work on

Dear Players,
I have a good dilemma whereby I’m able to ascend 2 legendary heroes but based on current game development I wonder which heroes should I prioritize.
The red heroes I m having now based on the photo

Please share your selection and thoughts. I m thinking of Red Hood and Erebus but the rest of the heroes have their own merits.


I think the new HOTM is the first choice, then erebus or maybe mitsuko, erebus is a good choice against mana cut heroes…

I have Saoirse, rarely use her….

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I like Erebus but the HoM is also really good. Saoirse is a Rush specialist and she is working well in a red stack. Don’t know your Roster but I think overall I would go for the HoM


Mits and the HoTM…
Erebus is a sniper, so of limited use in todays meta. Saorse, like all Slayers, is not usable on defense and to slow, except you have a team of three slayers, then it could be ok.
Red Hood is so outdated, most new red 4* heroes e. g. Juneaid, are better.
Mits is ok in the new blue tank meta, but would not help a lot against Sobek, but makes a mana cut, a bit of damage and reflects blue.

Happy gaming


If in doubt, the newer heroes are usually better, in this case they are not only by there stats, but also their skills. So I´d say a rather easy choice for R&N and Erebus. Mitsuko is a nice hero though, I like her, but I don´t think she can compare to these 2.

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What’s Juneaid does? No clue which Red 4 stars hero :sweat_smile:

Is Red Hood outdated? Even with her recent buff? I always find her frustrating when faced in raids. Her minions are annoying with the heal, and the hit all is nice. So I’ve wanted her (lol, I have Junaid).

Or is she only effective because my teams are too weak (4450) vs those in mid-high diamond?


Btw: definitely would also prioritize the Jan HOTM, whom I’m still chasing.

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Junaid is a mini- Tyr with better manners. Red sniper (high attack but low defense) who heals the team from 30% damage inflicted.

Also nice passives including potential to cause minor damage to all.

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A mixture of damage and heal, like red hood, only without minions.

Happy gaming


You can forget about Red Hood right away.

Now what you seek:

  • Mits has Ice-Reflection on her Special. That might be handy but not essential. Can also control Mana but R&N does that better.
  • R&N hits hard and is essential for mana control and great mana charging as well. She’s also fast and can work as anti-minion to some degree due to her passive. I would say go with her first, due to versatility.
  • Erebus is nice and also good for minion control. Faster sniper than R&N, but lacks mana shenanigans. Has higher stats. I still would take R&N over him.
  • Saoirse is slow but inflicts strong def-down. Good for green titans if you don’t have covered that, otherwise go with R&N and then Erebus.

The minions are weak in todays meta with Ogima and Alucard or costumed Skadi, weak minions are no longer a little buff but a liability.

Happy gaming.

P.S. My defense(s) are around 5150…


Thanks @Gimliv , so guess i shouldn’t covet her since she’s not future-proof.

Speaking of Alucard, I had him behind Hypnos, Serandite and R&N (when I hopefully get them…!) for reds. But my alliance mates pointed out that I didn’t appreciate how much he does. Would you level him first?


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I adore the art of Red Hood but sadly, even with her buffs, she´s not a strong hero. :broken_heart:

Roughian & Nurgib is who I´d pick first, and then Erebus. :slight_smile: Great selection, good luck and have fun :four_leaf_clover:


He is one of the two best anti minion heroes in the game and can wreck a W3K defense alone.

Happy gaming


Thanks so much @Gimliv. I guess I don’t see these defenses as much at low diamond, so I didn’t appreciate much of his potential (until today when he not only bypassed Gullinbursti’s special, which typically causes panic, but also stole it and killed the rest of the team with it 2 moves later).

Moving him to the top (well, I actually already leveled Hypnos).

Thanks again!


I agree with either mitsuko ar R&N. While erebus is strong he is more limited.

Any hero that negatively effect opponent’s mana is an asset.

I do like Saoirse aswell i used to use her alot more than i do now but in challenge events she can be charged with 1 mana pot if supported properly and has 6 or so mana stacks. I usually pair her with khagan.


Thanks. Now I get it. Lower cost yet effective. I like it :relaxed:

Valuable insight. Appreciate it so much.