Seeing Red

I can’t complain too much; I have Azlar at lvl 3. I want Natalya since Azlar is slow. I decided to pull when the red element came up. I hoped if no Natalya, maybe Marjana. No Natalya, no Marjana, but I got Khagan and Elena!! Stunned to get two 5*. I should be happy but I already have a slow red.
So my question is: is Khagan better than Azlar? I haven’t seen much of Khagan in raids so I’m not familiar with him.

I repeat myself but i don’t like Khagan.
That said, i’m a Azlar user too and i probably don’t level Elena if i get her.
I see them too much similar to do that.

So in the end… I probably keep my ascension items, lol.

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Thanks @Elpis. I found your post about Khagan. Don’t know why I didn’t do a search first. Probably all flustered about getting two 5*!

I have Natalya but want Azlar. But maybe I will change my mind before I pull the trigger :slight_smile:

Since Ares is no longer avaliable (for now at least), is Marjana the best Fire choice? Or Natalya?
I ask because I have Natalya only, honestly dont like and dont dislike her, but I Always thought if I needed to go after another red 5*.

A 5 star is a 5 star

I’d probably go with Marjana but if I already had Natalya I wouldn’t spend any money just for a tiny bit better hero

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There’s a good discussion of Marjana v Natalya here:

Personally, I put Ares top, with Marjana second. Behind these, the other 5* all have a case to be made for them and are solid team members (except Guardian Kong, who I wouldn’t waste blades on, let alone rings). If you like fast heroes (good case for that), and you don’t have Marjana, then Natalya or Kestrel are the choices. Between those two, I think Natalya is the better option–although there’s a case to be made that, in a post-Zeline world, having an all-business no-buff hero like Kestrel is a great option. I expect that Kestrel will be available again in a few weeks.


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