See past Titan hits of members

I would like the ability to see the last few (at least 3) Titan hits of my team members. Ideal would be the ability to see if JoePlayer had hit the last 3 - 5 Titans and if he also hit in the last war. This way if I feel like JoePlayer isn’t pulling his weight and I’m thinking of demoting or kicking him, I have the last few stats available to me at a glance. I don’t need details, just the info that is posted to the chat once Titan or war event is over (as applicable).

Some people have suggested ideas like this before, e.g.:

Some people have also suggested automated rules for kicking based on specified inactivity:

I think some more history would be useful, not only for decisions about kicking, but also just tracking the progress of the alliance, and assessing how things are going.

Absent features in the game, a lot of people keep a log in Google Sheets or another spreadsheet outside the game. Unfortunately, that’s obviously not super convenient.

I’ve also seen people suggest keeping a gallery of titans and War screenshots on Line or Discord. As long as you catch the top participants list from chat each time, you can look back to see if someone has been active or not. Still a bit of a pain, but easier to manage than a spreadsheet, in my mind.

I personally keep screenshots, which I refer back to every now and then.

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This is a duplicate thread (see @Zephyr1’s suggestions), and will be closed.

Just for an idea, our alliance keeps a screenshot of every war and Titan in Line Albums to access at our leisure. You can certainly do this until there is another solution you like better.

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