See other players scores in tournaments

Is there any reason why we can’t see how other players’ scores are made up? I know we can’t see the team used in a battle, but it would be fascinating to compare results. I guess this would also iron out the ‘impossible scores’ question in raid tournaments

I’d also like to be able to compare in events. I’d love to know how far behind (always will be behind I expect) I am at any stage. It would also give some focus as to where to concentrate effort. This surely can’t be a bad thing.

Click leaderboard or what do you mean?

So in tournaments what I mean, is how many teams have the leaders beaten and how many times were they attacked etc. For events, what score did the leader get at each stage.
All that data is available. Would be nice to see even if just for comparison.

I think I know what you mean, because I’m here to request the same thing.

When I go to battle, and I’m presented with the defense team that I’m going to attack, I see the team’s ranking in the tournament and their tournament points. That’s perfect. If I review my past attacks, I see the tournament defense team, but the ranking shown is for global raiding.

I’d like to see the team’s tournament stats, not their global raid stats. Or preferably both, since it’s interesting to see how their tournament performance compares with their global rating.

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