See Each Hero Max Stats Per Ascension?

I am just wondering, is there a website or sheet anywhere that allows me to see each hero’s max stats PER ascension?

For example, I would love to see what Miki’s stats will be when he hits 3/70 before getting him to that point. I have had this with a few and was curious, surely there is something that I can reference for all heroes, for each ascenion but I can’t find it if so.

To clarify a little more. I’d love to see (we will use Miki as the example here) Miki’s stats at:


Thanks in advance.

There is a tool in Line called “The Wise Goat” which has each hero’s stats at 3-70 and 4-80.

Not sure about a spreadsheet tho… check under #community-content

Here is one sheet, 3.70 and 4.80. Hero Stat Per Tier.