Secret life of a bench warmer - hero R&R

We are have spare heroes sitting on our roster, eager for action. But what are they all doing around the stronghold between heroic battles? All is revealed below. And please add your own.

Joon - complete gym nut. Bores everyone by sitting in the stronghold kitchen drinking a shake and talking about protein.

Balthazar - constantly interrupted from his evil magical schemes by heroes asking him to electric jolt their iPhone batteries.

Belith - camp counselor. After being sliced up and incinerated numerous times, some heroes get a bit depressed, Belith is on hand with a sympathetic pointy ear and a dose of calming mist.

Richard and Little John - spend all day at the forge comparing their massive weapons and beard grooming techniques

Quintus - keeps fixing things, but in the most unnecessary elaborate way. Now the tumble dryer in the basement runs on lightning and a hundred mutant rats.

Justice - bit of a do-gooder. Tries to keep the peace and generally succeeds by uniting everyone else in annoyance. Also bumps her head on the chandelier a lot.

Boril and Kiril - spend all day at the mine and maintain an icy politeness with anyone remotely elvish

Gormek - castle chef. Dinner is served, and yes it’s ham again. But who’s going to argue with that cleaver?

Tibertus - always posting Facebook posts like ‘that’s it, I’m done. Feel so mournful’ just to get sympathy.

Melendor - spends his whole life telling tourists he’s not Sir Ian McKellen and he’s never been to New Zealand.

Renfeld - not bad just… unsettling. No one really likes him but are worried that if they don’t include him they’ll wake up dead.


I love the idea of heroes having a backstory. Gives the heroes a lot of depth. Where do they come from? What about their likes dislikes and genrally more about them.

When I was younger pokemon was a big hit and the main reason for this I feel is the in depth storyline over all. Maybe sg need to consider this to make the game a bigger hit. It would appeal to a much bigger target audiance and really take the game to another level. Well done, Leslie-Annia.

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The story is definitely incredibly thin; it would be easy to improve on it.

There are little hints that suggest stories - Dawa is Ranger of Shaguad, Scarlett and Jahangir are both from the sand sea, Brienne is from Rathwood.

And some of the characters seem to be evil - Fletcher and carver are thieves, Sartana and grim look positively demonic. Why do they fight for the good guys?

And are all holy characters good and dark characters bad? Rigard is described as noble, is he a bad guy??

Plus there’s characters borrowed directly from Greek mythology, English folk lore, Arthurian legend. Are the Asian characters based on Chinese legends?

So many questions!!!

In this post, I’ve just gone for a kind of Wreck it Ralph idea that the heroes all just hang out when they aren’t being played!

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I believe this could be the most important, creative and totally awesome project the forum could have!!! A chance for fans to unite and create stories under each picture of the hero. Use the map as a guide, create fictitious places on the map like maybe a magical city of the elves called evallion, where lianna comes from. The city built in trees hidden in an undiscovered jungle of the misty highland’s. She has come to join the fight due to a band of evil goblin smashers (13, 1-9) who have taken her sister. She will cross all the lands and fight any evil minions that cross her path in search of her sister.

A re write would do justice to the story but you get the idea. Star trek and other sci fi fans have been doing this for long time, creating new stories. But it’s up to sg to write the official one. This just for fun. In regards to the heroes taken from legends, let’s create portals they accidently came though by discovering an old artifact of the realm.

If the staff at sg dont mind…

My brain is all abuzz with possibilities!

I’ll get some in writing shortly

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Right, here’s my first go…

Okay one correction:

Isgilham is the home of the Boar races and the first culture to make HAM a currency! :grin:

As you were…

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