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Am I the only one that is tired of Myztero? Any idea or news on when they will make a new Secret Hero? (not that i’ll get it)

I hope never.

Good thing about Myztero is he doesn’t feel like a must have hero with his 1 : 1000 appearance odds. He’s just fun bonus.

I don’t think I need heroes with 0.1% with exclusive/limited availability. It’s tough enough.


Be thankful you were able to summon Myztero. Consider yourself lucky. A ton of us players weren’t able to snag him. Please be reminded that he is just a bonus draw, a freebie. Everybody knows what he can do and how his skills operate, including his stats at maxed level, just by checking on the forum, the wise goat or searching the internet. Whether you consider him a good hero or not, it depends on the player’s appreciation of the hero and the availability of ascension materials and perhaps emblems. If a player thinks Myztero is a good hero and could help his attacking team, they are justified ascending and maxing him. If not, one can feed him to an Aife just so that a roster space can be free.

As @Suicide_Bunny has expressed, I also subscribe to the idea of not making Myztero a must-have hero. Otherwise, people will focus their resources on Legends portal only to be disappointed with its dismal odds.

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I agree with others that have already posted. There is no real need to develop the mystery hero into a must have hero.
However, I do think they could refresh the mystery hero to maintain player interest.
Say have a set of 4 x mystery heroes on rotation throughout the year.


I gave up dreaming of getting ANY 5*'s, any more I jut hope for a 4* hero. I’ve been using 3*'s as feeders because that’s most of what I get besides a few 2*'s.

I guess i’m just addicted to wasting my money and being disappointed. Last thing I want is to get another purple that I don’t have the mats for. I have about 90 pulls worth of coins and feel like i’d still be unsatisfied even if I get that .1%.

Да уж! С таким трудом набрала монеток в легенде на два призыва, и итог-два раза один и тот же 3* герой Исшак! Может то то сломалось?!

You will definitely be unsatisfied. Because he sucks and is in desperate need of a buff.

He doesn’t, and he isn’t :slight_smile:

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