Second Vela

I already have Vela to 4-80(Zim is getting emblems for now) and I have another at the starting line. Those 6 scopes are boring a hole in my pocket. Do I work on a second Vela or hold them. I have Grimm+20, Kiril +20&+7, C-sonya +19&+20, Vela 4-80, Richard +3, Trition+7, Isarnia & Thorne 4-80, Boril 4-70, and finally Mireweaver 4-15 and rising.

If a second Vela is not eat option. I have CoD, Kiril, sonya and Trition all filling up space.

Any suggestion would be appreciated with respect war and tourneys. The alliance is at 6-7 level titians and I’m at 2500+ cups if that helps

Honestly… Second Vela is only good for using on a second war team.

Using two together means holding back specials to not overlap the DoT.

Do you have other 5* to consider?


I’ve started taking 2nd Vela to 3/70, then will decide if no better options have come along.

Currently - Vela +17, Frida+7, Magni

Options- richard 3/70, thorne, Vela 2

Take your second Vela to 3/70 and hold on to your scopes dont be so hasty to part with there’s better blue heroes like Finley to get if your lucky enough and not to mention all new season 3 Hero’s. Good luck

Depends on how much you spend, I think a second vela would be good for war. If you spend lots then wait.

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