Second user on Android

My wifes phone has died. Is there a way she can play her account on my device?

If apple , just change game centre to her account, other type of phone no idea

Thanks Androud though.

As an alternative, although not completely straight forward, if you have a Windows computer, you can download Bluestacks the Android emulator and play Empires there.

It’s not officially supported but it’s what my wife did when her phone died.

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Just add her google account to your phone and then sign out of your account on the google games and sign her into it. Make sure her game is backed up though if not you’ll have to start fresh. At least it should work like that. Got my fiance’s on an old phone of mine that is still running my google account also

Bluestacks worked. Thanks for that. She just managed to get in before the war ends.


Thanks but the Bluestacks worked so no need to risk the horror stories on here of lost accounts.

Noxplayer works well also. I found it to be less of a resource hog than bluestacks.

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