Second Tier purple 5*. Who to choose?

My f2p alt attracts purples.

I have Dom and Sartana maxed and 3 others I have been less enthusiastic about, and left at 3/70 or close: Grimble, Mok -Arr and Quintus.

I have just got my 12th tabard so could afford to move one of these up.
Who would you recommend?

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Personally I say it’s between mok and Quintus as both add strong in a purple stack.

Between the two of them I personally would go Quintus for a couple reasons:

  1. He hits a bit harder
  2. His attack stat is higher
  3. He has a costume which is PROBABLY going to be featured next month
  4. Quintus is sorcerer class which TYPICALLY has less competition for emblems than barbarian class.
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And I’ll offer the flip side for balance.

Mok is much beefier. Fires faster.
Put both together and he’s far more likely to fire at all.

Mok will deal more damage to holy enemies than Quintus with his SS.
OTOH, he won’t hurt darks.

As a third purple, I would do Mok. I did do Mok, no regrets at all!
As a first or second, I probably wouldn’t do either of them.
If you have Wilbur, the argument goes further in Mok’s favour.

Unless you whale on costume summons, I would only prioritize Quintus if you already have the costume.

I would only suggest maxxing out Quintus if you can emblem him. Found him quite disappointing without any emblems.

Luckily I got him + costume. He is so much better with both costume and emblems!!

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for opinion, no costume yet, but do have spare emblems

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Thanks! Long time forum reader here.

Btw, congrats on your f2p alt getting a HOTM!


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