Second rare mission released in the same week in the game. Error? bug? Will it disrupt the routine of calendars?

@Petri Is the appearance of a rare quest today related to future changes? We had a mission on 02/21 and another today on 02/23, my concern is regarding the calendar, can we continue with the normal schedule or will it be affected? I am a volunteer in the construction of the monthly calendar in the Brazilian language and thank you for your clarification.

That is correct and added as an extra so enjoy.
(Not a bug)


and these shouldnt affect to basic timings except events may cause delays etc and still its tentative

Check this topic for you to know why we are having it.

Next Monday I want to believe we will have Mount Umber.

Where is Kiiro? His calendar was great.

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Kiiro doesn’t play anymore, he was another one to retire from Empires & Puzzles, he said goodbye in January/22

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