[Second Raid Tournament] Tournament Attack Tracking-How is Your Defense Doing?

Well we now know another problem. I’ve been attacked 4 times. 3 losses with one team stronger then mine. I’m rank E. I’ve won 3 of 5 attacks because red didnt drop for my healer on those two. Def 2354 with two heros maxed talents. Ile report again later, but I no longer have high Hope’s for this new feature. This feels like standard raiding…

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I and my brother use the same defense setup:
I use troops level 4 (2341 TP)
He use troops level 1 (2321 TP)

We both have been attacked just once each:
I lost.
He won.

If things stay they same:
I will get 0 point (Edit: it’s 200 points)
He will get 900 points.

My attack: 4 wins out of 4, planning on using the last flag when the raid chest is ready (1942 points)
His attack: 4 wins out of 5, he lost the 3rd attack (2018 points)

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@yelnats_24 think 0% u still get 200pts


Yeah I wish it was more than just an average of all attacks too. It seems like whatever happens on defense will be up to chance, including the number of times you’re attacked. I wish there was a daily cap for them too.


Great idea, daily cap will ensure more balance. We had attack limit, why not defense limit too.

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4W 1L, 2201 points, 1-5%

2W 3L, C grade

So far.

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So far defense is 1-0 so I’m at Defense Grade: A
Won’t use any flags until this evening while filling hero chest, but looking forward to the challenge.


This thread talk about defense result


From C to E with 1 attack I loose.
Think this is also to fix, should be a D grade before the E.

defense 18 attacks 11 wins

So far on defense I’m 1-1.

PS: Defense team is:
Gan Ju / Gato / Belith / Azar / Balthazar

All 3/50 no enblems

My def does god

Yeah, I’ve been following that, but I think @Boolz’s idea of a separate place to just log is interesting.


Only one loss on defense so far - kind of disappointing if I end up on day one with this and have reduced points just for that.

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Nashgar - Balthazar - Brienne - Valen - Bane

0 - 1 last I checked.

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I agree. I am 0 for 1 as well with a wonderful grade of E…………wish that stood for Excellence…….LOL


“E” for Excelsior! The only way is up, now.

Still 1-2 here, so colour me “D” for despondent. And those attacks on me were 6 hours ago.
But the loot table is easing my discomfort and leaving me at D for diverted by the forum’s entertainment today.

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How may times have you been attacked? 4

What is your win loss record? W4

What grade does your defense team have? A

Team power 2797

Attacking record W5

What is your score in the tournament? Top 1%

So far so good! :smiley:

image0-1 image0-2 image0


8 attacks, 4W/4L. All early, none for 10+ hours after that.

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loving that Gunnar! He was my only 3* buffer so I put him center too w/o emblems, I’m 0-1 in defense so far


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