🏅 [Second Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on the Updated Raid Tournament Matchmaking & Difficulty Bonus

It seams that If a defense lost the first combat, it wasn’t attacked any more. Similar but not so important if the defense has a loosing streak it wasn’t attacked anymore.

It would be better if the defense will be rated only after a round before the next round. Let’s say defense A lose the first combat and wins the second combat, but defense B wins the first combat and lose the second combat. Both defense should get the same points and both winning attackers should get the same points and both losing attackers should get the same points of this combat. This will happen if you don’t use for any calculation the defense live rating. In the last tournament the order of win and loss had a strong effect. If possible it would be nice to recalculate the points for the attackers of one round with the defense rating of the attacked after the round.

It would be good too if you can garantee that every defense will be attacked similar often. There are some ways but every solution has some good and some bad effects.

All in all the second tournament was better than the first one.

If the raid turnys keep causing issues with war I’d be happy if they dropped the turnys all together…

I was happy to see that the leaders I check all had strong defenses. Early on it was people with horrible defense.

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Scoring system is borked, i set out to make a mockery of it once they said how scoring was done and it was not hard. They need to go back to the drawing board on the scoring system for sure or sandbagging will easily land you a spot in the top 10%.

I was out day 2 which i expected to be out day one as the defense i had was the exact same attack team i used, how i won 4 out of 8 matches is beyond me but regardless i should NOT be in the 25% 50% range, that tells me that its another fail tourney abd the scoring system is FAIL. You earn a F this week SG, get back in the studio and get to work, your vacation is REVOKED!

FWIW, it seems to me that the current matchmaking system is designed more to eliminate the “I was matched against nothing but weak defenses” complaints from the previous tournament but didn’t do much to address the concerns over the uneven distribution of attacks against players’ own defenses. We are in the final hours and there are still people reporting only being attacked a few times. Myself, I have been attacked 9 times, 7 of which came in the first hour of the tournament beginning, the 8th an hour or so after that, then the final one at the very beginning of day two… nothing since then. This means that my defense score was set early and there was no opportunity for it to improve.

It also seems to me that the current design is designed so that one’s defense ranking (and the substantial number of points that may be gained or “lost” from that) is based on how one’s defense compares to other defenses of roughly equal TP, not how they actually rate in the universe of all participating defense teams. If player A has a defense team with a TP of 2400, but which is not optimal for the ruleset that challenge because of roster limitations while player B has a defense with a TP of 1600, but which is otherwise well constructed, is it really fair to say that player B’s defense is “better” that player A’s simply because it does better against significantly weaker competition. While it is true that the theoretical ceiling for player B is lower than A because they can’t likely score high difficulty bonuses on their attacks, the fact that they will almost certainly score significantly better defense bonuses (up to 2800 points) and will be facing easier opponents when they attack meaning that they will likely get more, albeit smaller, points for those attacks, player B will probably finish higher than player A in the final standings. I think that if the current matching system remains in place some degree of “sandbagging” is going to be the best strategy unless you have an excellent roster that can genuinely compete for the top 1% given the rules of the particular tournament.

Personally, the more I consider these tournaments, the more I’m wondering just what the goal of the tournament should be. Should they identify and reward the players with the best teams and skills? Or should they instead give everyone a roughly equal chance to win good stuff (assuming that the loot rewards are eventually “un-nerfed”)? The current system frankly seems to be leaning more in the direction of the latter. It will probably pretty accurately sort out the top 1% or so, but anything after that is probably going to be full of questions.

I have a question about the defense scoring that I should have explored more in beta. It was only highlighted because of the low number of matches on both of my accounts.

Does the scoring reset each day or does it take account the cumulative win loss record? I suspect it is the latter, and that is an issue. In cumulative scoring, if I am 0-1 the first day the grade is E. If I go 1-0 the second day my total is 1-1 and the grade is now B. That is 850 points.

Imagine I did the reverse and went 1-0 the first day (A) and 0-1 the second day (B), for 1550 points. A difference of 700 points just from the order of the attacks isn’t right. In addition, first day wins and losses have a much larger impact than last day wins and losses. This thread is generated from the same concerns.

In my opinion the defense point bonuses are too high, and not based on strength of opponent. If I go 5-0 after being attacked by unleveled teams that is much different than going 3-6 against emblemed teams. I think the defense should get some points based on average strength of opponent. The remainder of the grade can still be win percentage. Of course, this still depends on being attacked a reasonable number of times.


Must be the latter. I lost last 5 defensive stands and defense score stayed at C rating.

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I have a team of maxed 3s, no emblems on defense. I’ve been attacked 2x, once on day 1 and again on day 2, lost both - so been E the entire tournament. Lost 3 raids, but won the rest, somehow despite my defense, I’m in the 1-5%, not that it matters with the loot as borked as it is. I just don’t understand how they can call it a tournament, when not everyone is getting hit roughly the same number of times. Stop manipulating the matchups, SG. So crazy.

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That is a good question. I have no usable data to help in which it might be. I thought it was seperate at first with my defense never being attacked. Each day was a C grade, each day I saw 500 points added. This 2nd tournament I lost 1 right away and my final record was 0-1. Always an E rating. So I guess that does point to cumulative or my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days would have been a C grade. Had it reset day 2 I’d have probably been attacked again. They have a ways to go on ironing out defending

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It’s cumulative based on what I’ve seen, both in my own Defense Log, and from what others have posted.

Yeah, that first day example of 1-0 vs 0-1 Is a massive point swing as @Epigenetic pointed out. These defensive issues are piling up and I’m sure (hoping) they have some ideas and fixes thought up.

With that being said, so far of the 15-5 records, no matter the defensive score, they have all been top 1%. I finished 14-6 with an 0-1 record throughout and am hanging in the 1-5% as it nears the end.

With the way points value slowly creep up each win, seems defense points could make or break teams around 15-5 record. Still kind of luck on defensive end mostly based on if you lose 1st time. There was a reason I sure wasnt complaining with not being attacked last time and that C grade!!!

Curious what all they adjust from here.

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i think its pretty reasonable to think that a lot of people didn’t get through the first day, whats your number rank on the leader board

it was rolling last 30 hits in beta, didnt manage to count this tournament to see if it stayed that way

I can give you an even more extreme example. Player one has one (defensive) win on day 1, no action days 2 and 3, and one loss on day 4. Player two has one loss on day 1, no action days 2 and 3, and one win on day 4. Both end up with a 1-1 record but the defense point totals are Player 1 3350 and Player 2 1250!

This won’t happen if the attacks are even, but the fact that it can happen means the system should be adjusted. I found myself over 2000 points behind on day 3 with a 14-1 offense record due to a 0-1 defense record the first and day and no activity the second day.

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No one has posted going 1-0 for 3 days. I don’t believe this can happen

Maybe not, but it’s also less likely that someone would complain about it.

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Well, anything is possible at this point. Hes pointing out that the cumulative scoring as it is now, is flawed. Those are extreme examples, although one of the extremes, losing first day and not being attacked for a few days or in my case at all, had me at a constant E rating. Minimum points per day with 1 loss.

If I had finally won one on day 4, my score would go. E E E and B on day 4. Need to look at a possible E C C A rating for 1 loss 2 days of no attack and 1 day 1 win. Also matching needs major adjustment so one loss doesnt keep all attackers from pulling ur name.

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There needs to be a larger base size before assessing the defense score. While clearly having 1 loss and not getting hit again should be an easy coding fix, we will still have defenses assessed (and scored) after one day on 3-4 assuming am even disttibution (as some will not use their flags. This is far to low given the large differences in scores for A - E. Either up the flags for the first day to say 8 or only assess after two days (possibly run event for 1 more day so 25 flags on total).

I ended up in the 1-5% in the tournament, but I got rewards for 5-10% !!!
Please fix this .

19 of my 20 matchups were against stronger teams, sometimes much stronger with lots of emblemed up heroes (I have never and will never use an emblem on a 3*). This should be more even in terms of what teams that I face but I battled through to finish in the top 1% and got absolutely nothing. When the tournament is working properly and loot is not restored back to the original level then the game will be in serious trouble.

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