🏅 [Second Raid Tournament] Discussion and Feedback on the Updated Raid Tournament Matchmaking & Difficulty Bonus

SGG has announced that the second Raid Tournament will use revised matchmaking:

Obviously there were extensive problems with matchmaking the first time around.

So the big question is: does it work better now?

Share your observations and discuss below!

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For discussion of reduced loot, please see: Reduced Raid Tournament Loot [Developer Response in Post 334]

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@zephyr1 opening a feedback topic be like



@JonahTheBard funny, I always thought it was more like

full resolution over 4096kb


:yin_yang: How will this raidT turn out to be? Another bust or better outcome?

Put your thoughts on paper and debate!

Raid Tournaments are now back!

New Improvements and Changes:

  • The difficulty of enemies that the players face at the beginning of the Tournament is now determined by the strength of their Tournament Defense Team.
  • Improvements to matchmaking to more evenly distribute attacks among all players.
  • The amount of Difficulty Bonus is increased and has more emphasis on the performance of the opponents Tournament Defense Team.

Better than last time, but probably still a few kinks to be ironed out. It’s hard to put so many changes in so fast without having a few issues.


I am worried that basing the matching system off of defense team strength will encourage sandbagging.

If this happens, and the system is not designed to adjust to sandbagging, this tournament will have very different, but equally unjust, problems.

I am glad they lowered the loot because I refuse to sandbag, just like I refuse to be a cupdropper. It just feels dirty.


Given the 4 day format, I don’t think sandbagging will work. But it will be interesting to see.

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It’s gonna be a bust. the rewards are so garbage people are gonna feel unsatisfied. Most monster chests are more rewarding than what more than half the people are going to get. The last raid tournament people were hopeful and greedy for the rewards. It was a shame that the competition was terrible. Now there is no incentive to try your best. People are also going to experiment a lot with defensive teams. If people get the same loot with garbage teams as with good defenses than that will be upsetting. If people get the same reward as someone 2 tiers lower than that will be upsetting.

People are saying that reducing the loot is a good thing. It’s either great loot or bad loot. As if there wasn’t a middle ground.

SG said this is temporary, but that doesn’t mean anything to most people. SG also never said for how long and people will not give them the benefit of the doubt.


I’m trying to think about the right strategy for day 1. Do you want to hop in quickly, before defense teams have had many chances to be tested? Or wait until the bounty boots have had a chance to reflect the actual difficulty of the defenses?

Sand-bagging your defense would really hurt the bonus points you get daily from defensive performance.


There’s absolutely no good reason for killing the loot other than they felt like they gave out too much and are using the matchmaking as an excuse to drop it. Then they will raise it slightly and everyone will be doing backflips because it’s more than what they reduced it to. Classic bait and switch tactics.

I’ve refrained from criticizing the devs up until now.

They’re screwing up hardcore. I don’t like it and am actually considering just hanging it up like ucla and dator. There’s no incentive to compete in any of the game modes anymore.


Let’s keep the discussion about the (temporary) loot reduction over on its well-established thread: Reduction in Raid Tournament Loot

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OK on topic then. BUST because they ruined it because of crap loot.


I’m worried if this possible scenario has been taken into account or not:

User A finds his first opponent, which happens to be Team B. User A thinks that can’t defeat Team B. User A decides not to attack, disconnects, and no longer connects for a complete week.

What happens to Team B? Will it be stucked waiting to be attacked by User A?

For that scenario I suggested that User A should have a 1 hour limit to actually attack. If not, then User A loses and Team B is free to be found again.


Fascinating question! Thank you!

My thoughts (which I’m certainly not wedded to):

There will likely be insufficient fights by the end of day 1 to have properly sorted out the defensive worth of the defenses. My guess is the relationship between true strength and rated worth will still look pretty sketchy.

That said: weak defenses will almost certainly tank fast. Strong defenses will be all over the map. So the risk-adjusted reward for strong defenses will be quite variable. While the risk-adjusted reward for the weak defenses will fall as the day progresses.

My thought, therefore, is jump in quickly and snap up points from the weaker defenses while they’re on offer. I’m confident enough in my ability to eke out wins against the tough defenses that I’ll take that risk in exchange for being able to maximize points against the weak ones.


The tricky part is that it says the matchmaking is going to be determined by defensive team strength. What isn’t obvious if this will be strongest vs. weakest in round 1 or more or less equivalent strength.

The first would be “fairest” the second would be a huge problem with sandbagging (put out a weak defense, attack immediately. The defense would face a mix of sandbaggers and truly weaker players so could hit a 50/50 win/loss ratio).

We’ll know soon enough but there will clearly be people attempting both strategies when this one kicks off.


Sand-bagging your defense would really hurt the bonus points you get daily from defensive performance.

…but would it though? If you know how to build a team, but build a strong “for it’s tp” team - then you’re likely facing off against less experienced, less-veteran players (assuming they are matching teams of comparable tp) than you would be if you put up a maxed/emblemed team. At least in theory I could see it.


I used tournament kills to fill two raids chest a day, so 2-3 attacks at the begining of tournament day and the rest 12 hours later.

And this somehow solves your trouble :wink:


With the information we’ve got so far, it seems better not to maximize defence, to get a little easier targets to begin with, just as you say. I guess they gonna need to rework the matchup again after this week… is this not one of those things they test in beta??


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