🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

I think it’s a reasonable solution. It makes the best reward more accessible while still providing some sort of bragging rights to anyone who gets to the end. It seems much more ftp friendly and I think more people would have purchased it last time given this reward system imo.


Ducks nerfed?!! What a shame :grin:


Well, I’ll just drop this here as I still think it’s a good idea for the #playaparttogether initiative:

Make the next Path of Valor Premium Pass free for all during #PlayTogetherApart

Stay safe!


See I told everyone the duck hunts were too hard!!! Apparently a lot of ppl failed that quest. All other quest were super easy, only duck hunts


Does this mean, that the amount of points needed to reach lvl 50 might also change? This hasnt been mentioned in the announcement! :angry:

Free the ducks Free the ducks Free the ducks


Wait…is it April 1st in some parts of the world already? #aprilfoolsday #20DuckJokes


@Zephyr1 wrote this before the announcement today

The announcement today is the latest information available.


@Checker will be happy.



See!! I thought of you as soon as I read that.

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Those who struggled with the ducks clearly have no valor. They deserved to fail.

And why does anyone need to merc titans? Ever?

50 days = 52 titans to fight.

Only need to kill 35.

Can let 17 go.

This is too much for some??? And it takes resorting to merc’ ing to accomplish? Really???!

Then these folks have no valor…


hotm avatar for 50? why not the hotm proper? hell i wouldnt even mind more emblems/coins/summoning tokens, decent items that are actually useful u noe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In fairness, I imagine it has to do with the programming. If they want to modify the titan challenge to anything other than the amount of titans, it will require a lot more effort than changing the value of the daily challenges, or number of ducks. Same thing with the event challenges.

I find these changes quite reasonable and appropriate. A well thought rebalancing making this quest slightly less of a grind & therefore more attractive. Many players had previously decided they would not try the path of valor again because of the grind, and this likely will cause many to change their mind on that. Some of the knee-jerk criticisms on this thread are disappointing.


So assuming that the total points from the valor challenges remain the same, the leeway for missing points will now be 150×3×50+30000−46750 = 5750 (which was 2000 last time). Sounds quite reasonable to me.

Plus, if someone doesn’t want the avatar in the last node, then it gives F2P players an additional leeway of 2930 points (total 8680 points) and the Valor Pass players an additional leeway of 1470 points (total 7220 points).


Sounds generous, no?


Although i was really hoping that the awful titan challenge would be replaced/modified, the end result of these changes has left me rather optimistic. Larger emphasis on daily challenges, bigger safety window, and moving critical rewards down/bumping cosmetic rewards up, this is 3 of the 4 things i was really hoping for. Well played so far sgg, let’s see how this next pov goes~


No one will need to Merc titans. It looks like they’ve gotten rid of the star requirements.

I wish they’d get rid of the summons challenge and replace it with something that doesn’t require spending to complete


I must have missed that. Where did it say they got rid of the star requirements? That would definitely address most of the problems players have. The other being challenge events, but with more of a buffer due to the daily challenges, that kind of addresses that one.

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Path of Valor is currently open in Beta, and the Titan Valor Challenge’s first Tier lacks any star requirement.

Beta currently has no Valor Challenge for Challenge Events.


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