🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

Getting a HoTM is not going to happen.

But would you be more happy if they swapped the positions and left the 4* AM at milestone 50? What it comes down to, is what difference does it make? At the end of the day, when you complete the PoV, or almost complete it, you’ll get it. What does it matter if it is at the last milestone.

Take a look at some of the feedback of the first one. A lot of people complained that they couldn’t finish it, and therefore couldn’t get to the 4* AM. They made it easier to get so that more people can get it.


Please leave 4* mats at level 48…I’m almost there. Could be another day or two.

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keep the mats at 48. my alt can barely reach that, would have to do a mega raid push to get to 48.

I take it back. I might just get that tonic after all. :slight_smile:


So, as the end of the event approaches in a few days, I am pleasantly surprised to see that with two more daily tasks done I should finish PoV this time.

That is even with the Tournament Battles VI unfinished (10 battles short) and the Win Raids V not finished (I have never made it diamond at all and won’t see it any time soon).

I did pull quite hard for GM back at the start of the month, which no doubt helped my summons get done. With that in mind, I am now saving most of my tokens for the next POV. I am using any EHTs because I want every shot I can get at the HotM, but that is it, and if I pull her I will be saving those too. I hope that bit of planning for next time will help me finish next time too.

I think what really helped though was having that slightly higher reward for the daily tasks. I can’t remember who did all those calculations last time to show how such a small change would make a difference, but it really does. So glad the developers chose to do that. I think I missed a couple where my forge wasn’t high enough, but I am fixing that for next time too.

So, count me as someone who is happy with the PoV changes and would like the difficulty to stay at this kind of level.


Done, finished all except for the raid tournament one. I’m happy overall with the new pov, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the xp challenge increased and/or tied to your level at the start of the challenge - higher levels obvs need more xp. Without trying that was done in the first 2 weeks for me. I feel like the rest of the challenges are appropriately difficult for everyone.

I’ve seen a few people complain about the summons available on the free path and i think it’d be fair to throw 100 atlantis tokens and 100 valhalla tokens to them, esp since atlantis tokens are so hard to come by once you finish s2 hard. Just a thought though

Someone commented about a secret reward for full daily completion - i think a gold pin with a roman numeral to show which pov iteration a player has finished fully would be a nice touch.

Now that the dust has mostly settled, if sg wants to release a higher-tier pov I’d be interested to see what ideas they have.

Well done on this one sg. And congrats to everyone reaching their rewards targets~

If you want some inspiration on how to plan, check out my post with my plan. The math works, and I’m not in Diamond.

You’ve got Titans, XP, War attacks complete. You’ve got raids done through Platinum.
You also have Tourneys done through tier 5, and summons done through tier 8 - but you need only ONE of those complete.

Based on that screen shot, you should have it, unless you’ve missed a LOT of dailies.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I won’t get the tourneys done and the summons will be close as I wasn’t planning on spending anything more(although I do have a little left on this month’s budget). I’ve done almost all the dailies just missing a couple due to not being able to make the items requested.

It does seem that the rest of the dailies should get me to 48 though which I’ll be happy enough with.

Yep. Youve got enough as long as you have enough dailies. This works, math-wise:

Finish Titans, War, XP. Raids through Platinum.
Tourneys through tier 4, Summons through tier 7.
Then either Tourney tier 5 or Summons tier 8.

Completed path of Valor & happy about it without even need to go to platinum arena at al!
Enough points from: titans, war, summons (stockpiling all grey tokens once again), tournaments (I actually love tournaments because they are much more fun than simply raids).
I missed 1 or 2 daily challenges because the forge was in the process of upgrade (so no possibility to craft needed item).
So I’m very happy that it is doable without platinum arena. And that challenge to complete 2 events on 3 difficulty levels was removed (it was the toughest obstacle in Valor 1).
I enjoyed it (much more than overrated tavern-of-legends).

@zephyr1 I was sure I read somewhere that they are taking a break with PoV? Or was it in updating the rewards and missions?

Will a new PoV start 10 days after this one has ended? If I can read something about it somewhere please let me know :blush:

It’s this, there are some new Daily and Valor Challenges.

The Rewards will be updated again too, if only to rotate the Ascension Materials and avatars, but haven’t been adjusted in Beta yet.

I’ll be posting a Beta Beat thread this weekend with a sample of the new Challenges.


Thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was mostly aiming for L48 and pleased to have got that and my tonic but, how annoying is this finish? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mini-brag on the last-ditch good planning/timing, if I may say so myself (I slacked a lot on the weekly raid tournaments):

(Mini-confession: I did still leave myself with 84 grey summons as backup if I fell short.)

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I can see why that would be annoying, but look at it this way:

Are there any avatars uglier than Malosi? Maybe not getting him is better so you don’t have to look at him when picking a new one to change to, he won’t be an option!

Finished at tier 48, as expected. Could actually summon my way to tier 50, but an avatar doesn’t matter in gameplay, and as I note: Malosi is UGLY.

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Ok, so POV II ended and next one opens in 5 days. Why I can’t find info on the next POV rewards from beta?
Anyone has info on POV III?

Because they’ve never been in Beta.


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