🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

That’s what I wanted to say… I’m struggling to stay in Platinum one, wasn’t able to get even close to Diamond Arena. 8th month in the game… I was hoping this time I would be able to finish PoV, but as I can see, it’s not gonna happen…

You don’t need to finish that particular challenge to finish POV. Also, I think you Might be able to get it via winning raid tournament battles.

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I think you can finish the PoV fine, if you can get to Platinum. You have no need to stay there, if you can stay in high enough Gold to get an average of 1 win a day in Platinum for 40 days, and that’s giving 7 days to win the 35 fights for first 3 tiers to get to the Platinum tier challenge, and then you still have more days left.

I’ve been close to Diamond myself, but never been there.

I got to 48 last time with room to spare, couldn’t quite get to 49, but didn’t care as I didn’t buy the pass, and knew going in I wasn’t going to complete - 48 was my crazy stretch goal, so I am confident I could’ve gotten to 50 if I had played smarter earlier. First time is the hardest to figure out, though.

My plan for 50 is simply everything but Diamond arena - gives me a cushion to miss stuff if things go crazier around here.


Don’t worry, you will be able to finish Even if you skip that last raid tier in diamond. Just try to get the daily’s all done

You can skip the last tier of this challenge and still be able to finish POV II. No worries then. :wink:

Hi @zephyr1 and @Guvnor - great work as always

I searched hard and scoured the OP but could find some of the numbers confirmed. Am I right with the analysis below - or are some of the numbers still fluid?

TOTAL points available = 52,500 … (6x5000) + (50 x 3 x 150)

Points required to complete ( i.e. Level 50) = 46750 (same as POV 1)

  • this would give a leeway of 5750 points to finish

Points required to reach Level 48 = 43,820 (not seen this confirmed anywhere??)

  • this would give a leeway of 8680 points to reach Level 48 and get the Rings/Tonic

Can anyone confirm my maths?


mostly looks correct, I haven’t checked the lv 48 math though.


In the OP there is a link to a list of the Valor Points required for each reward tier.

And as @bobiscool, I linked all that in the FAQs for PoV


OK @bobiscool and @Guvnor Thanks
So to reach level 48 the points required are 46,750 - 1470 - 1460 = 43,820 = right?

I just haven’t seen that total EXPLICITY stated anywhere. And leeway for getting to level 48 is 8680 points.

Just might be useful to EXPLICITY state that somewhere so people know what they can afford to miss to get the Rings/Tonic. Maybe an update to the FAQ Number 4?

Just trying to help :grinning:

looks right… and yeah, it probably is helpful… I’ve already lost 150 points forever into the abyss, I’m starting to get nervous :rofl:

I have done nothing amazing either except springvale events, and I am now at 47k/150k
I will be finished on this by the time I finish Wonderland tiers tomorrow.

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Then dont and be done with!

The one thing I don’t understand about the POV loot this time around: Why are SGG still offering Atlantis coins when all the other reward chests have switched over to Valhalla?

While I’m complaining, I’d much rather have additional crafting materials (particularly for making weapons - yeah, I’m looking at you, hardwood lumber) than the various food/iron bundles. And the harvesters continue to be useless when limited to Season 1 levels - ain’t nobody got time for that right now except when they have to fill a monsters Wanted chest quickly.

I’m not saying every reward has to be an unfarmable mat, and I do appreciate the plethora of emblems on offer this time around, but so much stuff is just useless filler again.


I like the bundles, although I still have most left over from the first one. The harvesters are trash though.

And I’m with @bobiscool in being sad about the backpacks being replaced!

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The iron bundles are potentially useful - I used all mine to emblem my heroes, for example. But for anyone who has mastered food banking (and seriously, who hasn’t?), the food bundles are pretty useless.

Where I’m at right now I have more issues with recruits than food. I know that’s incredibly weird. But I’m outrunning my AR farming, by roughly 1000 recruits/month the past couple months.

I have more 5* to level soon though, so that should fix that “problem “ right up!

because Atlantis coin supply is limited now to sea dragons! I like to have additional coins - my leftover coins netted me Alasie last AR event.


I like farming feeders at Rare Challenge Event Stage 3 (Sif and Marie-Thérèse are hungry), which gives most exp per energy in the game, and ding ding the challenge event starts tomorrow. I think I’ll be done with that by evening.

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Any tournament Battles are treated as tournament Battles and at the same time wins are also considered as raid wins, one win, meeting two challenges

I wrote exactly that. My question is related to Arena requirement for raid challenge. Is tournament battle win considered as bronze Arena? Or silver? Or my current arena?

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