Second Halloween calendar offer

Busting my budget already. Really, I needed those rings.

Rings are mandatory! I have some ladies to engage :joy::joy:

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Watch out for hidden blades

Yeah I’ll watch them with my brand new telescope that hopefully will come before :grin:

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No need for rings, will wait and see what the other offers are. Can’t be spending money every day…as much as that would please SG.

I need those rings as well but not gonna cough up that sort of money ridiculous pricing but it appealing for those whom can afford too lol.

Bit too spendy for me too - will see what else emerges in the week. Although I could sure use some rings…

The offer is pretty solid imo. 1000 gems plus a set of rings which are hard to come by in the first place.

I have 6 rings and no red 5* other than Natalya. Hoping to pull the next HOTM on my cheap budget but have games saved up from cheap packs. But if I needed the rings I would definitely consider this.

Pulled Victor with 4 tokens as well so that may be all the halloween draws for me to focus on either atlantis or the next HOTM.

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I’m tracking all offers inside this topic in order to discuss the value of them.

These were my thoughts. Yes, the price is €10,99, but I don’t know why it won’t adjust.

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