Second Frida or first Grimm?

Like I said in the title

Max Grimm or 3.70 second Frida?

And who knows. Maybe acend my third Frida…

Simple question…

I’d say Grimm. Go for a variety. And Grimm is an amazing 4*.

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One more vote for Grimm. But double Frida till next grimforest event, gave me my best legendary ranking. :slightly_smiling_face:

One more vote for Grimm.

Grimm all day. And then a second Grimm.

Grimm, because he can participate in Epic tier of challenge events :slight_smile: particularly if this is your first one.

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Grimm with emblems is awesome, plus he stacks with Frida for major defense down on blue stacks. Great against Fire Titans.


I agree with Grimm. Frieda is awesome but for Trials I use my 3 maxed Grimm. My emblemed Grimm is also used for the epic battles in the challenge quests.

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Grimm. Stacks with frida.

What @Traggeter said. :roll_eyes: