Second daily summon missing from Vip pack in 1.10


Hi guys,

After purchasing the VIP pack in the description says : 1 Pet from which you get 30 gems daily, 1 more builder and… bonus another daily summon chance. Got the first two but all of us have same problem , no extra bonus daily summon. And we are like 10 people with this problem. Any info what happened? Made also ticket. THX


Same here!! Already sent ticket.

I’m ok receiving an epic in it’s place, LOL


FWIW, in iOS I did get the double summons. When I hit the Daily Summons, it pulled two heroes. I waited for Zeline… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m pretty sure it gives the second one to you when your usual daily is available, as this is what it did for me. :grinning:


Yep, @D.D is right. :wink:


Right and Lucky! 2 2* together… I Always get Tudal, Sigrid or 1* troop


I was questioning the bonus daily summon myself in the VIP for two days now as I didn’t see it when my 24 hrs. was up, just the gems but I DID see x2 when I got my regular daily summon so that answers my question as to where the bonus daily was… apparently you collect the bonus summon when you collect your normal daily summon and not when the 24 hrs is up. I understand the bonus summon is timed unlike the gem collection so you need to act pronto. Seems getting the bonus summon is unrelated to the countdown timer (?)…