Second cMagni ore Thorne?

Good morning, I have doubts on who to spend the telescopes between the second Magni or Thorne. The other blue heros full are Vela, cMagni, Frida, Alexandrine, Glenda, Miky, Fenrir and .Rafaelle . Pfff, I just took out second Frida from HA and Passpartou from S4 .

If you have a second cMagni, go with him! He’s fast and also gives def down, whereas Thorne is average and only hits.
But having Passpartout on the bench, I would level him up. Great healer and defensive hero overall.

I actually use to have a similar question as well. But now, I choose Throne and also LB him as well.

For defense down, C Kiril do much better than C Magni. C Magni may faster than C Kiril but you still need 9 tile to win. And attack down from C Kiril is very useful. I mostly use normal Magni and only use C Magni in emblem quest. Normal Magni have almost 100 more base attack than C Magni and fighter is better than druid.

Throne do much more overall damage than Magni. That is why I choose him over Richard. Lianna is great sniper even she only hit. However, Throne will be great if he can charge in 9 tile.