Second choice mana control heroes

I think Guinevere, Hansel, and Merlin are the best Mana control heroes. Next are Cabin Boy Peters, and Gretel.

I know people who’ve been using these to great effect in raids, and against the bosses in challenge events, and I’m wanting the next best thing.

The only one on that list I have is Gretel. (And I am leveling her up)

Next tier, which I could level up next include Li Xiu, Little John, Alasie, and Chao. (Alasie is getting leveled 'cuz she is amazing, but her mana control is more of a bonus)

Which ones would you prioritize? Are there others I’ve missed that I should prioritize?

Hansel and gretel are the same, just one does damage to 3 heroes 1 does damage to 1

Peters doesn’t really do anything to mana he just makes you delay your attack

Kinda glad there isn’t a 5* Merlin or something like that, he would be good

Almost. He is fast mana, she is average mana. And with an effect that only lasts three turns, he is FAR more effective at keeping mana buttoned up than she is. (Hey devs, how about buffing Gretel so her mana control lasts 4 turns instead of 3?)

Anyhow, my quesiton still stands–without Hansel, Merlin, etc., which ones/which combo is best for mana cotnrol?

Otherwise, yes, there is good balance between a fast mana hero hitting a single target harder vs. an average mana hero’s milder hit which splashes to neighbors.

To me:

THE best combo is Hansel & Gretel with Sir. Lancelot between the two. Pew pew.

The only hero you need on defense is Guinevere tank or a flanking Hansel.

The heroes who rocks on attacking raids are Hansel and Merlin.
Merlin > Hansel if VS heroes who pump their attack (like Wu Kong) to make foes kill themself.

Do you have all of these heroes?

Sadly I only have Merlin (and Sir Lancelot) :disappointed_relieved:

Wu is best with gretel

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