Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

It’s not a matter of having enough material though. It’s a matter of not being able to build or upgrade more than 1 building at a time. For example, I have 2 craft buildings and would like to upgrade them both so I can then start researching Dark and Holy heroes at the same time. But instead I have to wait for forever for my stronghold to finish up before I can upgrade either craft building. It takes way too long to progress due to the limitations on building and upgrading.

Ah…the story is, they had two builders for Android but couldn’t get it to work for iOS so scrapped the second worker for all (I admire equal representation).

Not sure if it’s TRUE (I.e., never read that on anything official), but it would make sense why they haven’t introduced it to the game now. Pity. I’d love a second builder… :disappointed_relieved:


Well then… if that is the case, too bad for Apple users and they should switch to Android… LOL. I do play on an iPad for a second account (wife’s iPad), but my primary account is on Android and would love a second builder.

Bummer that they can’t figure out the issue and get it to work so we can all have 2 builders. Maybe they should adjust the gem cost then to a more reasonable price to complete things quicker. Or give us more gems upon completion of certain tasks/levels.

…or scale things DOWN so I don’t have to wait forever and a day for my SH9000 to build! :grin:

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I also agree on this to do a construction at a time is horrible it makes me very angry I think it is just missing this to be very good the game.

I totally agree with this improvement! I absolutely hate having to miss out on gathering iron & food because my resources storehouses are filled to the maximum because I cannot use the resources while I wait for a building to be built.


This is the correct fix. They need to review and lower the turn around on some of the builds.

There are a lot of things that could be done to alleviate the building woes:

  • Simply reduce the build times. duh. I would suggest scaling level 20 the most, say 50%, and each lower level a little less.

  • Be allowed to work on one building in conjunction with the stronghold

  • Be allowed to build any number of building simultaneously, but each additional building costs more. Or perhaps gems would be involved.

  • For the love of god, allow us to cancel a build! You can even keep the resources!

That’s all I can think of for now.

In another game I used to play (oGame), there is a structure you can research to reduce build time of other structures. You’re still limited to one at a time (in the case of this game, one at a time per planet and you need a speed up structure on each planet), but if you level up the speed up structure enough, the others build pretty quickly until you get into the REALLY high levels.

Here is an idea for building upgrading that might help everyone out. Continue to allow only one building to be built or upgraded at a time, but let us stack the upgrades. Example: I want to upgrade my two farms, two storehouses, and two mines. Since they are all different buildings, take the requirements (money or meat) needed for each one in advance. So when one upgrade is finished the next one can start automatically. Just like making crafts, order as many of a single craft as I can afford then let it happen, come back and collect when or what is done. This way some progress (besides mining and farming) is being made while I am doing something else. All of the restrictions would remain the same (i.e.can’t upgrade past the stronghold’s level). Then I can continue to refill my coffers and collect loot without waiting or wasting.


In crafting (forge), you can only create one type of item in a row, so using your example, we would be able to build two levels of the same farm, not one lvl of a farm, one lvl of a training center, one lvl of a Forge, and have those stack…right?

If it follows the rules already established in the game, I mean.

As we are more levels up, the time ti improve everything is too much long and it starts to be boring.
If we can improve more than 1 building (2 or 3 for example) it will be less boring… the waiting for improvement is too much…
Please consider this


Agree…starts to be boring waiting long for things


I think the build time is fine. You aren’t supposed to max everything in a week, but in 6-7 months you will have all you need at level 20 and complain that there is nothing build anymore.


I agree this is very important to us.

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I was talking about improving more than 1 building. Not reducing time


Well the result is the same isn’t it.

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There are more than fifty topics on this subject, all answered more or less the same way:

The original game release (Android) had an option to purchase an extra builder. When the game released to IOS, for some reason this extra builder didn’t work. In the interest of fairness to all players, SG cancelled the extra builder altogether.

Next time, please do a simple search and see if your topic has already been answered. :slight_smile:


It would be great if you could improve more than 1 building at a time or at least queue the improvements


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